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9 Easy Ways Dealers Can Immediately Improve Facebook Performance & Boost Lead Gen

It’s no secret: when used correctly, Facebook has the power to totally transform your dealership’s brand perception and drive targeted revenue opportunities with precision. There has never been a better time to start making Facebook worth your time and money! We’ve narrowed down 9 basic steps you can take today to improve your performance on […]

The Top 4 Takeaways from the Used Car Industry in 2020 and How to Leverage Them for Success in 2021

2020 was pure, uncharted territory. This year began like every other. The first quarter preparation was the same. Goal setting looked the same. Tactics varied ever so slightly. A steady, familiar course. Until it wasn’t. Here is what we learned in 2020 that will help you maximize profits in 2021: 1) Dealers are still feeling […]

Introducing: Affinitiv’s New Mission & Vision Statements

It is with great pleasure that I am ready to share our newly-launched mission and vision statements for Affinitiv. Of significant importance, these statements were created from the ground up with much consideration and collaboration across Affinitiv teams. From the smallest one-person operation to the largest corporation, having a strong mission and vision helps provide purpose in all that you and your employees do. Because of this, the mission and vision statements were integral to […]

Affinitiv Digital & Google Webinar: Lead Drivers for Automotive

Google and Affinitiv Digital share the latest high-performing lead drivers for auto dealerships. Get an inside look at how to implement these at your store and turbocharge your sales.

Automotive News: Tailor shopper’s web experience

Dealership websites aren’t doing enough to “wow” today’s car shoppers. Put simply, they’re “utilizing unsophisticated technologies built on an antiquated notion of how consumers buy cars.” That’s the blunt conclusion from a survey of 1,000 vehicle consumers and an analysis of 100 dealership websites conducted by Affinitiv, an automotive marketing technology company that uses artificial intelligence in […]

How not to frustrate customers out of their new-car excitement

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting experience––or at least it should be. Most would agree they enjoy the pleasure of choosing their favorite model, picking out colors, adding accessories, and driving their new vehicle off the lot. But that’s not usually all there is to it, unfortunately.