Call Center

We’ll help you make the right call.

Your next customer is calling. We’ve got it.

The experts at our Call Center will make and take calls for your dealership to drive sales and service appointments, customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, profit.

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Drive 2x as many sales appointments as our closest competitors with our Call Center

Professional Agents

All sales and service inbound and outbound calls are covered by our professionally-trained team

Automatic Call Routing

Never miss an important message by routing all calls to the appropriate person or department—automatically

Customizable Campaigns

Add a potent punch to your marketing by customizing your own call campaigns and voice scripts

Inbound and Outbound Calling

Ensure all calls are handled with a team of professionally trained agents Automatically route all calls to the right person or team Market strategically with custom call campaigns and voice scripts Increase the potency of Quote-generated equity offer emails with coinciding equity calls Source generic and/or specific ads from radio, television, print media, and internet leads

In-Depth Reporting

Convert lost opportunities into sales with Unsold Showroom monitoring and Missed Opportunities reporting View calls, appointments, and advisor answer rates and easily filter overview data Monitor product demonstration, test-drive, follow-up, and manager turn-over percentages

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Works Seamlessly With:

Fully integrated CRM solution

Advanced equity mining and real-time quote generation

One-to-one targeted customer communications

Online appraisal and guaranteed upgrade offers