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Seeing is Selling: Why Your Service Strategy Needs Video Inspections

An essential element of any service customer relationship is trust. Establishing trust early on in the customer lifecycle can help increase vehicle service appointments and approvals on recommended vehicle repairs, but a lack of trust can hinder upsell opportunities and even cause customers to service elsewhere. If provided video evidence, over half of the respondents […]

Affinitiv’s newly enhanced DealerLens® dashboard gives dealers and groups a 360° view of operations

Chicago, IL | August 11, 2023 – Affinitiv, the leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions to the automotive market, has upgraded its all-in-one data management console, DealerLens®. The console enables Affinitiv clients to easily measure and benchmark results across multiple solutions, which allows users to track productivity more effectively across all dealers within a group. Additionally, […]

How-to Guide on Building a Structured Dealership Marketing Plan

With an incredible amount of competition in advertising, it’s important as ever to cut through the clutter with marketing communications. Car dealerships have long sent campaigns to a wide audience with one idea: the more, the better. We know less isn’t always more, but a car dealership marketing plan should have a strategy. One that […]

Improving Lead Conversion with the Right Strategies

To keep pace with customer expectations and market trends, car dealerships need to seek more innovative sales and lead conversion strategies than ever. From the basics, such as a user-friendly website, to more advanced differentiators like a virtual showroom, dealerships have plenty of options to improve their processes and attract more customers. This article explores […]

5 Ways to Retain Service Technicians at Your Dealership

A growing emphasis on technology and customer experience requires a team of well-trained and dedicated employees to set your dealership apart from the competition. But attracting and retaining highly skilled automotive service technicians is easier said than done. Here are five effective ways to expand your team of automotive technicians and build a culture that […]

5 Steps to Boost Car Dealer Digital Marketing Campaigns

The internet is now the go-to resource for most consumers when making purchasing decisions. As a result, car dealerships must shift their marketing strategies to meet customers where they are—online. But how can car dealerships successfully navigate the digital landscape and stand out from the competition? In this article, we’ll explore 5 proven tactics successful […]

Affinitiv Unveils Revolutionary Customer Data Platform Unifying the Customer Journey for Dealers and OEMs

March 23, 2023 | Chicago, IL – Affinitiv, the leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions to the automotive market, is improving how dealers and OEMs communicate with customers throughout their journey with its enhanced Customer Data Platform (CDP). Affinitiv’s platform, comprised of 3 core pillars—Customer Data Engine, Marketing & Content Engine, and Rendering […]

Dominion DMS announces integration with Affinitiv XRM

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dominion DMS announces integration with Affinitiv XRM, allowing you to simplify your sales process while building customer loyalty. XRM is a fully integrated CRM powerhouse built by dealers for dealers that is now accessible from within VUE DMS. “XRM has been a great asset to our business. It has […]