Genuine Pen

Hand-Addressed Direct Mail

Increase response rates and drive more foot traffic.

Expand your dealership’s reach and recapture lost customers with personalized, handwritten letters, tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. With Genuine Pen, you'll see nearly 3x the response rate of traditional mail.

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385% ROI compared to traditional mail

Tailored Campaigns

From sales to service and beyond, reach customers at every point in the lifecycle with personalized, one-on-one communications

Individualized Content

Every piece of handwritten mail is precisely targeted and customized to motivate recipients into taking action

Authentic Look and Feel

Genuine ink and handwritten fonts are used not only on the letter itself, but also on the envelope addressed to the recipient

Thoughtful, Response-Based Marketing

Set your messages apart with advanced technology that uses an actual pen to hand-write addresses and personal notes Send mail with the confidence of full market evaluations and our proprietary analytics Increase your rate of return by pairing with one of our conquest email solutions

Optimal Results and Reporting

Increase your open rate to nearly 100% and ensure a lower cost per mail piece with our hand-addressed envelope versus the standard digital print Call tracking, dispositioning, and call performance reporting included 

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