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Is Your Service Lane Technology Failing to Meet Customer Expectations?

Consumer demands and expectations seem to be changing more rapidly than ever. And of course, right now at the dealership, this happens to coincide with a chip shortage, labor shortage, increased competition, and beyond. In yet another unusual turn of events, dealership profits are skyrocketing because of these issues. But as customers grow impatient with longer than usual wait times to bring their vehicle in for service, you could inadvertently damage their loyalty to your business.  With so many issues compounding the difficulty of improving customer satisfaction, what is the most important thing you can […]

Is Your Dealership Losing Money on the Front End? Here’s How to Fix That FAST

As the microchip shortage continues to top the industry buzz, the delivery of new vehicles to dealerships across the country has slowed down considerably. And while more people return to the office or take long road trips after excess time spent at home, the demand for vehicles has picked up major steam.    With new vehicle inventory […]

6 Ways Dealerships Can Finish 2021 Strong & Kickstart Growth in 2022

While headlines earlier this year forecasted car sales dropping due to low inventory, many auto dealers are now noting record-breaking profit due to the historically high sale prices on both new and used vehicles. But as anyone in the industry already knows, there’s no room for complacency. As more manufacturers recently announced halting vehicle production, we can expect the competition to dial up even further as the inventory shortage is likely to negatively impact sales in early 2022.   With Q4 on the horizon, now is the […]

Closing the Manufacturer Marketing Gap: A Customizable Approach to Enhance OEM Marketing & Drive More Revenue

Now more than ever, auto dealers are feeling a next-level competitive spirit as the industry faces ongoing challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. With the chip shortage bringing vehicle production to a screeching halt, dealers across the U.S. are fighting to gain and retain both clients and inventory, causing entirely revised dealership operations and marketing strategies.  As part of standard procedure, most auto dealers incorporate manufacturer marketing into their overall marketing strategy, and […]

Elevating the Dealer CRM Experience: What’s New with Affinitiv XRM

Same Great CRM, More Opportunities to Connect  A good automotive CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool serves as a marketing platform designed specifically for the unique customer car-buying journey. From customer service to marketing and sales, automotive CRMs work to assimilate existing DMS or Dealer Management Systems to eliminate the need for repeat entry of customer […]

Thinking Beyond the Radius: Strategically Expand Your Reach to Achieve Growth

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for auto dealers trying to navigate the current market. Adding to problems at the dealership, today’s auto consumers are well aware of the industry challenges, as they’re facing historically high prices on used vehicles and scarce availability of new vehicles. Uncovered in our most recent Industry Trends Guide, auto shoppers […]

4 Ways Dealers Can Circumvent Today’s Industry Challenges & Drive Revenue

In a year of back-to-back challenges, the competition between dealerships is now reaching a heightened level of intensity, as predicted. To make matters even more challenging, low inventory levels are being compounded by staffing shortages across the dealership. To survive this stretch, dealers will need to strategically refocus their marketing, sourcing, and staffing efforts to not only maintain but grow their business. Here are […]

Maximize Your Service Scheduling Potential & Revenue Stream

While the automotive industry continues to face unique challenges, dealerships everywhere are looking for ways to not only make money, but save money, too. The focus has turned to fixed operations to keep a steady revenue stream throughout the chip shortage, but in order to be truly profitable in this space when it’s needed the […]