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Social Roots 1:1

Smart Integration with Facebook and Instagram

Accurately and automatically predict your customers’ needs in real time with Social Roots 1:1—and then communicate directly to their Facebook and Instagram feeds for maximum visibility and response. Social Roots puts integration on a more personal level to boost both sales and service revenue and reduce advertising spend while also improving visit frequency and owner loyalty.

See a proven $100-$145K increase in sales and service revenue* with Social Roots 1:1

Extensive Audience Targeting

Automatically extend reach beyond your database and connect with prospects similar to your existing customers

Customizable Communications Packages

Drive sales and service communications to customers in your current market with your choice of packages, all fully customizable with OEM and dealer images, logos, and copy

Advanced Analytics and Robust Reporting

Communicate and collaborate with clients anytime via online dashboards and reports: grow relationships, upsell, and improve client retention via user-friendly Marketing Reporting Dashboards

*Note: Results based on specific campaigns and budget investments, according to the Affinitiv Social Roots 1:1 Case Study


Digital Package

SEM, Social, Display, and Video (YouTube)

Connect with your customers through smart, agile, data-driven technology solutions. Our integrated digital strategy includes SEM, social media, display advertising, and video to find customers where they spend the most time—online—and impact 100% of their vehicle ownership journey.

Increase repair orders and related revenue by up to 15% with our comprehensive Digital Package

Customized Campaigns

Drive traffic to your site with campaigns proven to capture customers over independent shops: 50% of customers refer to specific service offers from Affinitiv campaigns

Precise Audience Targeting

Match OEM brand, demographics, online activity, and more: see up to 3x more tracked service-specific website traffic for your store

Dealer-Centric Tailoring

Scale campaigns with your specific goals in mind, tailored to your budget and consistently analyzed for best performance results



Custom Branded Email Campaigns

Professionally designed and managed campaigns generate an 11% higher open rate than the national average. Ensure your customers go beyond the subject line with eCampaigns, the unlimited, branded emails that speak directly to your target audience. Since 138% more people now buy products marketed by email than those not receiving email offers, eCampaigns effectively captures both sales and service customers to maximize your ROI.

Drive a 7.2% response rate with engaging, effective eCampaigns.

Dedicated Email Marketing Team

Take advantage of our team’s experience and expertise to create the most optimal emails and reach the most customers

On-Demand, Editable Sales and Service Campaigns

Pinpoint every opportunity in your DMS and better communicate dealership offerings through actionable, engaging creative and professional copy

Easy Clickthrough Reporting

Track your ROI through simplified reporting and detailed analytics: use results to refine future campaigns to your specific goals

Social Media Inventory Ads

Easily Connect Sales Prospects with Available Vehicles

These dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads reflect only what’s in stock, driving engagement with always accurate messaging that sets your sales team up for success.

See 3x more vehicle sales when a traditional ad budget is reallocated to Inventory Ads.

Connect with In-Market Prospects

Retarget lower funnel, qualified shoppers who have already visited your website

Promote Your Own Inventory

Find new customers and integrates available vehicles from your inventory that match their search criteria

Easy to Use

Automatically pulls your latest inventory list ensuring advertising is always current and consistent, without relying on you to update



Take advantage of strategic integrations. Contact us today for a full list.



With a team of professional installers, subject matter experts, and trainers available at your demand, we work directly with your shop to set you up for continued growth.


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If I need to, I can make modifications to tomorrow’s schedule to better balance appointments. And if on Friday we have a slot with only one vehicle, I can see that and send off an advisor to work on something else.