Full Width Background Images

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Full Width Background Images in Templates

Click Here to download a Quick Reference PDF

Full width background images can now be used with 75%+ client support. Primarily a desktop feature, but also supported on Tablets and Extra Large phones. Background images should not contain key features of the design or information; this image will be ancillary to the main content of the email and should only serve as a design feature.


The fallback for this feature is our standard single color background found in our current emails (Please see note in Best Practices regarding usage of colors).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row nt_foevis_container_display=”true” gap=”20″][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Live Example

[iframe src=”https://www.autoloop.us/DMS/public/ViewCampaign.aspx?savedcampaignid=c183a5f2-826b-42f8-ace5-adbb9ecc7e1f&companyid=5782&Customer=true&notificationid=22fcd676-a93f-4b81-a0ce-4f2ef70318af” width=”100%” height=”800″]

View Full Live Example – Click Here

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Best Practices

  1. The best types of image for this feature are patterns or large imagery without a primary focal point.
  2. Image size needs to be LARGE – Image weight needs to be LIGHT
    • Suggested background image size is 1920×2200
    • Image must be optimized – image weight can be no more than 300kb
  3. Image format should be .JPG or .PNG
  4. Image must fade to a solid color, or include a natural break to a solid color – The solid color the image fades to must be the fallback color for the email background.
  5. Keep in mind the center of your image will be fully covered by the Email container

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Supported Clients

  • Outlook – All Versions
  • iPhone – Not likely visible because our emails are already full width on mobile.
  • iPad
  • Gmail – All Desktop Versions
  • AOL
  • Yahoo
  • Office 365
  • Hotmail

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Fallback Clients

  1. Smaller Mobile Devices as viewport crops background images