KSL Cars Exchange & KSL Cars Exchange Express Terms & Conditions V1 – 2018

1. Additional Terms Applicable to Trade-in Valet. If Dealer orders Trade-in Valet in a Service Order, then the sub-provisions of this section shall apply.

1.1. Dealer will only use customer and vehicle information obtained through the Licensed Services for the sole purpose of communicating with customers about the purchase of their vehicle, and Dealer’s potential sale of a vehicle to the customer. Dealer will not sell or transfer any customer information derived from the Licensed Services to a third party for marketing or any other purpose.

1.2. Dealer will disclose all vehicle safety and integrity issues in the course of using the Licensed Services, including without limitation, structural damage, repairs or replacements as outlined in the NAAA Arbitration Policy dated October 13, 2013 (located at www.NAAA.com), as legally required, and those issues which a reasonable person would deem a safety or integrity concern.

1.3. If Dealer purchases a consumer’s vehicle at the appraised amount by the Licensed Services, then Dealer may elect to have Service Provider purchase the vehicle from Dealer for that appraised amount (“Buy-Back Option”), if the following conditions are satisfied:

1.3.1. Appraisals issued to a potential consumer by the Licensed Services are valid for the Buy-Back Option for seven (7) calendar days, with such 7-day period commencing on the date of appraisal;
1.3.2. Upon consumer presenting vehicle to Dealer within the 7-day period, Dealer is solely responsible for ensuring that the vehicle condition provided into the Licensed Services is a true representation of the actual vehicle condition, if not, then Dealer must update the Licensed Services to include any undisclosed issues, such as, without limitation, drivability, paintwork, body damage, tire condition, non-working components, and/or aftermarket equipment;
1.3.3. Following Dealer’s purchase of consumer’s vehicle, Dealer may exercise the Buy-Back Option during the three (3) calendar days from purchase, with such 3-day period commencing on the date of Dealer’s purchase, by providing notice to Service Provider with acknowledgement of receipt;
1.3.4. The Buy-Back Option is valid for ten (10) calendar days from the date of the issued appraisal, with such 10-day period including the date of appraisal;
1.3.5. Following Dealer’s notice to exercise Buy-Back Option within the 10-day period, Dealer must deliver the purchased vehicle to a Manheim or ADESA facility for a third-party Condition Report within two (2) calendar days, with such 2-day period including the date of notice, and;
1.3.6. If the third-party Condition Report confirms the vehicle condition as provided to the Licensed Services at time of appraisal, then following Service provider receipt of vehicle title, Service Provider will pay Dealer the appraised amount.

1.4. Service Provider reserves the right to modify or amend the Buy-Back Option as outlined herein at its sole discretion by providing Dealer with notice via email to the point of contact stated in the Service Order, or via monthly invoice in the normal course of business. Dealer’s continued use of Trade-in Valet for a 10-day period following Service Provider’s notice of Buy-Back Option modifications or amendments will constitute Dealer’s acceptance of such modifications or amendments.