Lane Reception

Make your service lane a whole lot smarter.

Capture declined repairs, navigate factory maintenance plans, and document pre-existing conditions—all from one easy-to-use interface that enables you to roll appointments into an RO. SmartLane integrates with Dealer Tire®, TSD®, and more, so you can provide customers with a “sign-and-go” experience while driving a 13% increase in lane upsells.

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Boost your average RO by 44% with SmartLane

Mobile Data Capture

Wireless mobility, VIN and driver’s license scanning, and photo and video capture mean customers are checked in within an average of 3 minutes

Increased Upsell

Easily view previously declined repairs, built-in factory maintenance plans, and open recalls during the check-in process for faster customer approvals

Customizable Workflow

SmartLane adapts to your workflow—not the other way around—so your check-in process is exactly how you want it

Integrated Functionality

Gain quick access to integrations with Dealer Tire, TreadSpec, Hunter, and TSD loaner/rental Send DigniFi financing alerts to advisors for qualifying customers Access previously declined repairs and prior inspections Save all images, video, and notes to the customer’s record via Book Synchronize with MPI to seamlessly mark check-in inspection items as “complete” within the multi-point inspection app

Instant Service Recommendations

Document vehicle damage and repair opportunities with “drag and drop” functionality and video and photo walk-arounds Show customers pre-existing conditions—and gain approval for repairs—before servicing Upsell customers on more basic services with built-in factory maintenance plans and customizable Good/Better/Best menus

Add-On Products:

Two-Way Communication

Messaging allows you to contact customers about approvals, service completion, and more via SMS text message and email. Plus, internal employee chat helps improve in-house communications for all departments.

Online Payment

Allow customers to pay online—before they return to the dealership—with BillPay. Your service lane will be faster, more efficient, and more pleasant for customers. So they can just pick up the keys and go.

Integrated Recalls

Give your service advisors the most updated info with Open Recalls. Armed with the latest recall data, your service advisors can drive ROs and protect customers—keeping the roads safer and customers happier.

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Works Seamlessly With:

Comprehensive scheduling and capacity management

OEM-customizable mobile inspections



Take advantage of strategic integrations through Dealer Tire®, MDL autoMation (formerly MyDealerLot), Tire Rack®, TSD® loaner/rental management, TreadSpec, and more. Contact us today for a full list.



With a team of professional installers, subject matter experts, and trainers available at your demand, we work directly with your shop to set you up for continued growth.




Here's what our customers have to say...

Just 2 months into the use of this system, our sales force has a really solid grasp on how to use and integrate this tool into their daily routine.  We are seeing some positive improvement in their daily operating habits as we establish our baselines.  We have many areas of improvement still as we discussed yesterday but are extremely happy with the process so far.  Our salespeople have expressed much appreciation for the way you help them work through their issues and teach them to be functional users of the system.  I appreciate your patience and willingness to provide guidance as we all dive deeper into the possibilities afforded by this tool. I look forward to being able to see our year over year improvements as we move forward and I know you will be there as a resource to help us work through the deficiencies.  I sincerely appreciate the time and guidance you have made available during this process and look forward to working with you in the future as we continue to grow.

Daniel Peters

General Sales and Finance Manager

Mack Grubbs Hyundai/Genesis of Hattiesburg

September 28, 2019