Trade-In Valet

Lead Generator/Traffic Driver

More traffic. More trade-ins. More car deals.

Sell more cars, trade more often, hold the hard deals together, and increase gross profit. Trade-In Valet makes it easier to engage and attract today’s anonymous online shoppers, which results in more store traffic and more car sales.

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Up to 16x more leads. Up to 4x higher conversion. Trade-In Valet.

Modern Tools to Attract Today’s Consumers

Social media marketing, DMS database marketing, sales closing tools, email marketing, automated follow-up, service drive acquisition, and more—all included in Trade-In Valet

Higher Gross Profit

Custom sales training and closing tools proven to generate up to 20% higher gross per deal

Guaranteed Offers

We guarantee the value of any vehicle—plus, you can now match CarMax® offers nationwide

Better Tools

Access to the largest appraisal desk in the nation for a second set of eyes and a guaranteed offer on any unit Mobile app that converts phone ups to store traffic like no other tool can Integrated database marketing drives repeat business more efficiently than traditional marketing Integrated social media marketing platform generates incremental leads from the most highly used apps Best practice follow-up is automated to garner maximum results from each lead

Higher Lead Conversion

Convert phone calls to store traffic with the mobile app Increase showroom traffic to close more sales—Trade-In Valet drives 15-20% lead conversion of trade-in prospects Boost customer confidence and grow CSI with guaranteed trade-in values Create more satisfied customers and positive recommendations

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Works Seamlessly With:

Comprehensive scheduling and capacity management

Mobile check-in and service lane management

OEM-customizable mobile inspections

Targeted, multi-channel customer marketing