Tech Video

Streaming Video for the Service Lane

Capture full inspection videos with instant playback.

Explain the entire inspection in one go. Record videos from a mobile device and upload them with or without an open RO. Plus, cloud-based streaming means instant playback with no downloading or buffering.

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A simplified stand-alone process for recording video inspections

Video lengths up to 7 minutes

Depending on recording quality.

Pause and resume recording

Seamlessly record from the front to the back of the vehicle.

MPI not required

Record and send a video with or without an open RO.

Instant video playback

Cloud-based streaming means no buffering or downloading.

Delete and re-record

Not happy with your recording? Easily delete and re-record.

Simplified Inspection Experience

Tech Video enables a minimal advisor and technician process with a simplified step-by-step tracker, providing insight into execution and results.

Seamless Customer Communication via Text

Tech Video integrates with Affinitiv Messaging, so you can quickly and easily send your recorded video via text.

Accountability with Reporting

Advisor and customer drilldowns provide quick and high-level insight into overall shop performance.

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Works Seamlessly With:

Comprehensive scheduling and capacity management

Digital Multi-Point Inspection