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A great customer experience is everything.

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When someone takes the time to call your dealership, it’s safe to assume they’re considering doing business with you. However, a call doesn’t guarantee you a customer. As any good marketer knows, consideration is just one crucial step in the buyer’s journey. At this stage, the person calling likely has a mental list of other dealers they’re also considering. To set yourself apart and make it to the “Decision” phase, you’ll need to offer something more valuable than better prices and an alluring lineup––you’ll need to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

In other words, you want the customer to feel great about every interaction they have with your business, and that includes waiting on hold. One surefire way to achieve this is with marketing messages that respect the caller’s time and add value to their experience.

Higher purchase intent, better upsell opportunities

recent study showed that customers who initiate a call with a business spend an average of 28% more than those who wait to be contacted. That’s why it’s a great idea to run on-hold ads that cross-promote your services. Not only will this enlighten your sales prospects about your Service Department and vice versa, casting a wide net with your messaging helps drive add-on services. For example, a customer calling to schedule an oil change and tire rotation might hear an announcement about your store’s new detail bay and be inspired to book a detailing service as well. Likewise, if a sales prospect who calls to inquire about a vehicle hears about the limited-time offer you’re currently running, it could be the extra push they need to choose your dealership over the one down the road.

The golden rule

It almost goes without saying, but nobody likes being put on hold no matter how great the marketing is. With that in mind, treat callers how you’d want to be treated by keeping the time spent on hold to a bare minimum.


Regardless of why a customer is calling, it’s important to remember that what they’re really in the market for is an outstanding customer experience. If they feel valued and respected during every interaction with your dealership––including while on hold––they will be far more likely to reward you with their business.

Dean Martin
Director of Marketing Communications

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