Anonymous Shopper

Target Web Traffic that Displays Buyer and Service Intent

Convert more online traffic, offline.

Dealers typically only capture and convert 2% of their website traffic into leads. Anonymous Shopper helps increase that total up to 35% with our unique approach.

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See an 8x return on ad spend

Shopper Identification

Identify website visitors and their areas of interest with our Website Visitor Identification Technology, including behaviors, viewed webpages, buying intent, and more

Dynamic Creative

Attract more attention with eye-catching ad content featuring items uniquely relevant to your shoppers

Holistic Campaigns

Create a unique media mix resulting in more foot traffic where you need it, including front-end sales, buy-back/expiring leases, or service specials

Smarter Advertising, Better Pricing

Spend less money on added traffic drivers and start catching more of the lost 98%, using our federally compliant sources Improve your database with leads only added upon meeting specific criteria, ensuring you only pay for data that meets your expectations Increase your rate of return when adding a customized conquest strategy

Expanded Datasets and Robust Reporting

View, export, and even automatically send your identified website visitor data to your CRM or over a dozen popular ad platforms All campaigns include: website visitor pixel, data verification, dynamic ad creative, opt-in/DNC filter, and real time reporting

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