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Boost dealership revenue with a seamless, integrated data platform.

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Gain a centralized view of data from each dealership's sales, service, and marketing platforms—plus get a combined view of all dealership data under one group.

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Make informed decisions with automated data insights highlighting specific areas of focus.

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Integrate your data from multiple vendors (including external data sources) and track the metrics that gauge overall dealership performance.


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Whether we’re a one dealership location or a large group like the Napletons, Affinitiv has always been there to adapt to our business growth and all of our customers’ needs.

Steve Ignowski

Platform Manager

Napleton Automotive Group

We use pretty much every product that Affinitiv has available only because we trust them so much. So, I want to thank them for supporting us so we’re able to grow our business.

Vincent Cajano

Service Director

Kia Delray

I think it’s a competitive advantage to be with Affinitiv. I think it’s a competitive advantage to have this 360-degree idea of marketing.

Joe Lamphier

Executive Vice President

Crown Automotive Group

Affinitiv has been with us for a very long time. They know our company. They know our core values. They understand our needs.

Amy Spiegel

Marketing Director

Crown Automotive Group