Seeing is Selling: Why Your Service Strategy Needs Video Inspections

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An essential element of any service customer relationship is trust. Establishing trust early on in the customer lifecycle can help increase vehicle service appointments and approvals on recommended vehicle repairs, but a lack of trust can hinder upsell opportunities and even cause customers to service elsewhere.

If provided video evidence, over half of the respondents to our recent National Consumer Survey said that they’d be more likely to approve suggested services. Adding video to the multi-point inspection process can help elevate your customer service experience, providing visual proof with each service recommendation to help secure more vehicle repair approvals while building trust and boosting profitability.

Turn Multi-Point Inspections into Upsell Opportunities with Video

The Proof Is in the Picture

One of the biggest reasons customers choose not to return to their dealership for service is believing they will be sold services they don’t need. It’s no secret that many consumers distrust car dealerships, but it doesn’t need to be a struggle to overcome these stigmas. By using a video capture tool to complete multi-point inspections at each vehicle service appointment, your team can change customer perceptions while capturing their business.

According to our consumer survey, here are the main reasons why customers would prefer an overview video inspection:

  • Video evidence of the recommended vehicle repair is more trustworthy than the dealership’s word alone
  • Video evidence causes customers to consider suggested repairs more seriously, especially if a safety risk exists
  • Video evidence saves customers’ time spent getting a second opinion

5 Compelling Benefits to Inspection Video Capture

Delivers On-the-Spot Progress

As customers wait during their vehicle service, whether in your service center lounge or at home or work, they might be curious or concerned about your findings. An overview video can offer customers quick, thorough progress updates along with detailed explanations. From routine service suggestions such as cabin air filters or wiper blades to more involved vehicle repairs that may affect vehicle performance or safety, video inspection reports allow your technicians to demonstrate any vehicle service needs clearly for your customers to review and approve. In addition, these videos increase customer satisfaction and trust by including them in the process, removing the “mystery” behind car care.

Enhances Customer Communication

No service customer wants to receive the runaround or a surprise bill at the end of their appointment. Using the latest technology to improve your service processes, streamline communication, and ensure proper tracking of both can help keep customers in the loop. Sending a text message with your video inspections and vehicle service recommendations attached helps ease customer concerns while keeping communication open. With the visual proof of a service need, such as a wheel alignment, fluid flush, or replacement tires, your customers will be able to ask questions and give approvals quickly and easily.

Keeps Your Store Competitive

The independent service shop near your dealership might be able to entice customers with cheaper vehicle repair, but price isn’t the only selling point your potential customers consider. In fact, many are highly likely to build a long-term service relationship with your store in order to receive trustworthy, expert vehicle care along with advanced amenities the competition doesn’t offer. Using video for your multi-point inspections, along with SMS messaging and other tech, can help your store stand out in an interactive, transparent way to capture more upsells—and more consistent service business.

Saves Advisor and Technician Time

Making your service lane more efficient is key to your profitability, and pulling service technicians away from their tasks to contact each customer can hinder the workflow. Powering your multi-point inspections with video capture helps ensure each upsell possibility is documented to be sent on to the customer for review. Plus, cloud-based streaming means your customers won’t need to download or buffer their video inspections, helping drive customer satisfaction with more simplicity.

Drives Upsell Approvals

Capturing video multi-point inspections during vehicle service isn’t just for upsell opportunities—it facilitates speedy approvals, too. After sending your customers their vehicle repair recommendations via video, you can then include available parts options as well. For example, if your service customer needs a new set of tires, you can showcase top-of-the-line tires in a video and quickly send it to them to review. Your technicians can also highlight accessories available at your onsite parts center and offer suggestions for customization. With these videos, your customers can explore their options and consider upgrades without pressure.

See How Video Can Transform Your Service Lane

Personalize your customer experience with video inspections that showcase your service offerings in a new, effective way. With added transparency, better communication, and streamlined technology, you can increase customer confidence in your dealership’s expertise along with upsell opportunities and approvals. Affinitiv Tech Video can help your store create and send customizable videos to take your multi-point inspections to the next level.

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