Dominion DMS announces integration with Affinitiv XRM

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BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dominion DMS announces integration with Affinitiv XRM, allowing you to simplify your sales process while building customer loyalty. XRM is a fully integrated CRM powerhouse built by dealers for dealers that is now accessible from within VUE DMS.

“XRM has been a great asset to our business. It has increased our customer loyalty and simplified our sales processes. The product is user friendly and has helped reduce our deal processing times.” – Kevin Mullins, General Manager – Mack Grubbs Hyundai/Genesis Hattiesburg.

From Direct Desk inside of VUE DMS, you can view incentives and factory programs based on vehicle selection and customer credit history, adjust customer payment options with retail, lease, and balloon deals, and cut deal times in half with professional electronic paperwork.

Another feature is Showroom Control which will allow you to stay on top of all showroom activity in real-time, empower your team with a single user-friendly screen, and prevent costly errors by monitoring every step of the sales process.

“Our mission at Affinitiv is to drive the next generation of customer experience. We’re very pleased that our integration with Dominion DMS will help dealers to achieve this level of customer satisfaction.” – Russ Beckenstein, President of Affinitiv XRM.

Using their mobile-friendly app, dealers can connect to XRM through VUE DMS. This app will allow you to manage customer data and interactions wirelessly, accelerate deal processing with available license plate and driver’s license scanning, be able to monitor internet leads in real time, and complete follow-up tasks wirelessly.

“Dominion’s drive to partner with companies like Affinitiv is one of the main reasons dealerships are moving to Dominion DMS. Our mission is to give you everything you want in a DMS, nothing you don’t.” – Arlene Clements, VP of Business Development, Dominion DMS.

This announcement is another reason for dealers to reconsider their current DMS relationship and consider what VUE DMS can offer. To learn more about Dominion DMS and its VUE DMS platform, visit

About Dominion DMS:
Dominion DMS partners with automotive dealers to offer modern solutions in an ever-evolving landscape. VUE by Dominion DMS is a cloud-native dealer management system that gives US-based franchised automotive dealers the digital security, flexibility, and efficiency to meet today’s rapidly changing market. VUE enables dealers to deliver seamless customer interactions, reduce costs, and protect their business. Through its robust suite of certified SecureVUE APIs, VUE provides technology partners with the access and workflows they need to satisfy our common customers, the dealers. Consider Dominion DMS today. For more information, visit our website, and like us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About Affinitiv:
Affinitiv is the leading provider of end-to-end sales, service, and marketing technologies for automotive manufacturers, dealer groups, and individual dealerships. Backed by over 20 years of automotive and marketing expertise, Affinitiv supports over 5,500 dealerships and all major automakers nationwide. At the forefront of this high-powered solutions suite is its most critical component, data, which is harnessed by our Customer Data Platform, allowing for highly targeted, timely, and relevant communications throughout the customer journey. With a technology-driven, hyper-personalized, and consultative approach, Affinitiv drives the next-generation customer experience while helping industry participants build profitable, lifelong customer relationships. For more information, visit

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