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Driving Service Customer Retention: The Dealership Advantage

You know how valuable repeat customers are for your fixed ops success, but do you understand the reasons why your service customers continue to choose your store over an independent auto repair shop? According to our most recent consumer survey, the factors at play in service customer retention offer your dealership a unique advantage over […]

7 Ways to Conquer Range Anxiety and Other Electric Vehicle Concerns

While electric vehicles (EVs) present car shoppers with numerous benefits over internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, such as advanced technology, environmental impacts, and simpler maintenance, they also have notable differences—limited driving range and higher upfront costs—that may cause potential buyers to hesitate. This can lead to lower-than-expected EV sales for your store and less-than-happy customers. […]

The Art of Asking the Right Customer Feedback Questions

KPIs aren’t the only representation of your dealership’s performance—your customers are a crucial source of insight as well. Collecting and analyzing customer feedback are necessary to identify strengths and weaknesses, adjust sales or service processes, and enhance the customer experience while growing your profitability. Knowing how and where to gather this information may appear difficult […]

6 Cyber Risks and the Solutions That Help Secure Dealership Data

With the high volume of valuable data your store collects on your potential and current customers, it’s no surprise that automotive dealerships are susceptible to cyber risks and attacks. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in dealership systems to steal customer data (including Social Security numbers, addresses, credit card details) through malware, phishing attacks, or unsecured networks. […]

Aspects of the Vehicle Purchase Process That Draw Shoppers In-Store

It’s clear that many car shoppers, especially customers under 55, are interested in buying a new car online, and it’s a smart strategy for your dealership to offer online vehicle purchase options. However, you might be surprised that many of your car sales leads still prefer several aspects of the in-person purchase process. According to […]

Are You Meeting Your Spring Marketing Goals?

The winter months can be a tricky time for many dealerships, especially after the holiday season leaves shoppers with slimmer budgets. As the days lengthen and the temperatures warm, you’ll often find your showroom traffic improving—by anticipating the changes that spring brings, you can optimize your marketing goals for this quarter to help revive your […]

Seeing is Selling: Why Your Service Strategy Needs Video Inspections

An essential element of any service customer relationship is trust. Establishing trust early on in the customer lifecycle can help increase vehicle service appointments and approvals on recommended vehicle repairs, but a lack of trust can hinder upsell opportunities and even cause customers to service elsewhere. If provided video evidence, over half of the respondents […]