Shoppers Want to Buy a New Car Online with Delivery: Are You Ready?

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The way we shop changed dramatically during the COVID pandemic, and many dealerships needed to adjust and add new processes for customers buying a new car online. While your online vehicle purchase process may have developed out of necessity, the online car shopping trends not only remain long after lifted restrictions but also continue to evolve.

In fact, our recent National Consumer Survey shows that 67% of consumers under 55 are likely to buy a new car online if the dealership offers that purchase process option. Plus, many also expect the ability to get an offer for their trade-in vehicle and delivery of the new vehicle.

If you’re wondering whether online vehicle purchase and new car delivery options could be profitable for your store, here are three ways online car shopping helps widen your reach to capture potential customers and sell more cars.

Reach Beyond Your Lot with Online Vehicle Purchase and Delivery

What Customers Want When Buying a New Car Online

While having the right features on your dealership website can certainly help seal the deal with prospective customers, there are a few aspects of the online vehicle purchase process that customers want most. According to our survey respondents, these include:

  • The ability to receive an offer for their trade-in vehicle and use that toward a new vehicle
  • Pickup of their trade-in vehicle and delivery of the new vehicle
  • Video chat capabilities to speak to their sales associate if needed
  • The option to complete the entire online vehicle purchase without speaking to a salesperson
  • Virtual test-drive options
  • Little to no negotiation on the vehicle sales price

3 Reasons to Offer Online Vehicle Purchase and Delivery

Why invest in the dealership website technology and new car delivery logistics to meet customer expectations? Here are three reasons.

1. You Can Display Your Full Inventory at a Lower Cost

Shoppers that want to buy a new car online have a lot of options, so you must position your store as the top choice by being an expert source of information. With a well-designed website, you can provide prospective customers with your full, up-to-date inventory online. They might not see the model they want on your showroom floor, but online vehicle purchasers should be able to easily research and compare various models. Some of the ways to catch customer attention: 

  • Include high-quality pictures and videos of every vehicle at multiple angles. Customers are more inclined to visit your dealership if there are clear images and virtual walkarounds.
  • Add filter options so customers can drill down to the make, model, color, trim, and additional features they want.
  • Be upfront about vehicle blemishes or damage. Customers will notice them when they visit your dealership to inspect the car in person, and they might lose trust if they view your store as less than transparent.

2. Online Car Sales Can Boost Customer Satisfaction

Most customer complaints about the vehicle purchase process involve convenience and time. By adding the option for customers to buy a new car online with delivery, time-constricted shoppers—whether parents, students, or busy professionals—can research at their own pace and convenience.

Your customers value time and a seamless online vehicle purchase experience as much as they do the costs of a new vehicle. Enhancing the customer journey means equipping your dealership website with advanced online features, including:

  • Multiple messaging channels
  • Accessible and resourceful customer service teams
  • Interactive chatbots to answer questions after hours
  • Online scheduling for test-drives
  • The ability to complete digital documents

3. Digital Channels Can Increase Customer Reach

Online car shopping goes beyond browsing popular retailer sites and enjoying speedy shipping. Many companies have taken their customer reach further by launching targeted ads via search engines, social media pages, and more. With several digital communication channels available, you have an incredible opportunity to reach potential car buyers who are shopping for the exact inventory on your lot.

Strategies for search engines might include:

  • Creating paid ads
  • Enriching your dealership website with keywords
  • Writing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) driven blogs
  • Practicing proper website design to facilitate Google indexing

Strategies for your Facebook and Instagram social media pages might include:

  • Providing vibrant images and eye-catching videos of your inventory, your amenities, and your staff
  • Using Facebook Messenger to respond to customers in real time
  • Incorporating smartphone-friendly listings to attract car shoppers
  • Using clear call-to-action buttons to promote transactions

Cater to Online Car Shoppers and Drive Profitability

Why wait for customers to visit your showroom while dozens want to buy a new car online now? Keeping your dealership website up to speed with the right tools, posting engaging content on your social media, and utilizing targeted ads can help you acquire potential car shoppers and drive revenue at your store.

If you want to transform your online purchase process and sell cars online successfully, we offer the industry’s top data-driven solutions to make it happen. With Affinitiv Audience Activator, you can even capture third-party traffic by sending targeted ads featuring a vehicle from your current inventory that matches their online searches, and direct them right to your website.

Contact us today and discover how our innovative technology can help your dealership reach a larger audience, improve the customer journey, and increase your bottom line.


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