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There’s no question that everyone loves a bargain. You’ve likely encountered the extreme couponing shows on TV or experienced a family member with a kitchen drawer stuffed with clippings and mailers. Leveraging car service coupons to drive customer retention, then, is a strategy your service department should be implementing—and getting the best results means knowing how and when to promote your car maintenance specials.

Gain insight into the car service coupon strategies you need with data from our recent National Consumer Survey. Whether you’re starting a new service customer retention strategy, adjusting service offers that aren’t gaining traction, or recapturing customers with declined services, these tactics can help ensure your car service coupons are not only getting noticed but garnering results.

How to Drive Customer Retention with Your Service Offers

Which Coupons Catch Customer Attention?

Are your current car service coupons failing to drive redemption? They may not be what your customers are most interested in or likely to use. In our survey, respondents indicated that oil change specials were their top pick, along with other car maintenance specials including:

  • Discounts on tires, batteries, and brakes
  • Complimentary multi-point inspections
  • Complimentary car wash with service
  • Tiered savings (earn greater discounts when more is spent on service)

Redeeming a service offer is one of the main reasons your sales customers return for service, so adding car service coupons to your customer retention marketing is an important—and proven—strategy.

Promote Your Coupons via Automated Trigger Communications

In addition to sending customers on-demand marketing communications that feature seasonal service offers (such as preparing vehicles for summer weather) and special holiday events, you can use automated trigger communications to promote your car service coupons and keep customers engaged at specific vehicle service intervals.

You likely already have an automated service reminder strategy in place—and including targeted car maintenance specials can help further encourage customers to return to your dealership for vehicle care. For example, you could include an oil change coupon in the automated triggers for customers who are nearing their next routine service but haven’t yet booked their appointment. For customers reaching a certain mileage on their vehicles, you might send them enticing discounts on tires or brakes to bring them back.

Don’t forget to reap the benefits of adding direct mail to your retention marketing. Sending car service coupons via print along with coinciding email communications helps ensure a wider reach.

Use Offers to Reengage Customers with Declined Services

Customers often decline recommended services at their appointments, many believing they can receive the service cheaper elsewhere. Overcome the “no” with the right service offers to demonstrate the value they can receive with your store and draw them back.

Because tires, brakes, and batteries are frequently overlooked or postponed services, you can increase results by implementing a declined repair trigger cadence to send automated communications to customers who declined these recommended services at their last appointment. By including the appropriate car service coupon, this can provide the extra push they need to schedule their previously declined service.

When in Doubt, Go with the Coupons Proven to Perform

Dealership oil change coupons might be the most often redeemed, but there are other service offers that perform well throughout the year, depending on the season. If you’re wondering how to set your customer retention marketing cadences for success, you can count on our professionals.

Our marketing experts are here to help you create a proven automated and on-demand marketing strategy with top-recommended triggers, campaigns, and offers backed by data so you can set your store up for a profitable year. With Affinitiv Essentials, you’ll have access to agency-caliber campaigns with customizable smart coupons that are sure to draw customers’ attention and drive revenue. Contact us today for your live demo.


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