The Power of Print Marketing: Why Automotive Direct Mail Still Delivers

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It isn’t only your dealership’s digital marketing that experiences heated competition—businesses of all kinds are sending your customers email promotions and social media posts. While it might seem that these digital channels are the preferred approach in your dealership marketing plan, you won’t want to miss the opportunities that print marketing offers your store.

Think print marketing has lost its potency? Consider these stats:

  • 71% of Baby Boomers and Gen X say that mail feels more personal than digital communications
  • 93% of Millennials read mail from local brands
  • 73% of Gen Z would be disappointed to no longer receive mail.*

Here are seven advantages of direct mail marketing and ways this tool can take your customer retention (and revenue) to the next level.

7 Reasons Why Print Marketing Helps Promote Retention

1. Higher Visibility

While your prospective and current customers might view hundreds of digital ads daily via email, business websites, and social media, they will likely only receive a handful of physical ones. Unlike emails often lost in crowded inboxes, physical mail has a higher chance of being opened and seen, meaning your automotive direct mail reaches your customers in a less competitive space. Keep your demographics in mind, too—Boomers prefer to receive promotions via direct mail more than other channels* and are most likely to save these pieces and bring them in to your store for redemption.

2. Cuts Through the Digital Noise

With the constant bombardment of digital ads, consumers often develop banner blindness and overlook them. Direct mail marketing provides a tangible experience that stands out from the digital clutter, grabbing attention and leaving a lasting impression. Consider making the automotive mail offer more exclusive by only including it in the direct mail piece, not online. This can help boost the attractiveness to your customers and prompt action.

3. Targeted Reach

Direct mail campaigns allow for precise targeting based on various factors like demographics, geographic location, car ownership, and even purchase history. This ensures your message reaches the most relevant audience, increasing the potential for conversion. By utilizing an advanced AI-powered tool, you can ensure every print marketing communication is relevant and timely, helping drive customer response rates.

4. Personalization

Direct mail marketing allows for personalization, including a customer’s name, vehicle information, and specific offers tailored to their needs. This personal touch fosters a sense of connection and builds trust with potential buyers, leading to higher engagement. With the right technology at hand, you can take your print marketing personalization even further by adding handwritten notes to your letters and postcards via a writing machine. This automotive direct mail solution helps you lower costs while increasing customer appreciation and interest.

5. Tangible and Measurable

Unlike the limited visibility of digital ads, physical automotive direct mail pieces create a tangible reminder of your dealership and offerings, amplifying your messaging to stay top-of-mind. Additionally, you can include trackable elements like unique codes or specific landing pages to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign and see which aspects resonate best with your audience. This data allows for continuous improvement and optimization of your future print marketing campaigns.

6. Brand Building

High-quality, creative direct mail pieces can contribute to positive brand perception and reputation. The tangible nature and design elements can leave a lasting impression, associating your dealership with professionalism, expertise, and a focus on the customer experience. To create a more consistent brand, using a single vendor source for your dealership marketing is crucial to establishing effectiveness.

7. Complements Digital Marketing

Getting the most out of your marketing means making strategic decisions. Plan your direct mail to be sent in conjunction with digital marketing strategies for a more impactful multi-channel approach. A well-timed physical mailer can reinforce your online messaging, leading to a more cohesive and memorable customer journey. For example, send your customers festive holiday cards during your winter vehicle sales events to help increase engagement.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Print Marketing

Taking advantage of the benefits print marketing offers your dealership doesn’t mean leaving digital tools in the dust. Our automotive mail experts have designed the technology and the methods you need to maximize profit.

Affinitiv Essentials is your dealership marketing foundation, offering automated multi-channel communications, in-depth analysis and machine learning, and an expert support team to help you build your marketing calendar, mailing lists, and promotions. When you add Direct Mail, you’ll gain access to award-winning print options featuring your dealership branding to grow customer engagement and retention. You can also take advantage of Genuine Pen, our advanced writing machine, to help you keep costs low while still adding a personalized, handwritten touch to your print marketing.

To explore our solutions or get started on your next print marketing campaign, contact us today.

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