Are Your Car Service Coupons Getting Noticed?

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When you’re running a business, every dollar spent needs to be a smart decision, not an educated guess. It’s important to know not only that your car service offers are enticing to your customers but that they’re being received—and noticed—in the first place.

Pinpointing the coupon redemption methods customers prefer is one of the insights uncovered in our recent National Consumer Survey, as well as some of the top automotive service coupons customers are likely to redeem. These details will help your store make data-driven marketing strategies that increase customer retention and service revenue.

The Most Effective Channels for Your Service Offers

Which Channels and Coupons Do Customers Prefer?

In order to stretch your marketing dollars further, you need to dive into your customer demographics and create target lists based on their individual preferences. Our survey respondents 55 years of age and older indicated that they were most likely to bring in a car maintenance special they received in the mail, or would print an offer to bring. Customers under the age of 55 were more likely to present their car service coupons digitally, whether via email, text message, mobile app, or digital wallet.

The types of service offers that customers were most likely to use at the next visit to their automotive service center included:

  • Oil change discount
  • Savings on new tires, brakes, or batteries
  • Free multi-point inspection
  • Free car wash with service

Drive Retention and Revenue with Your Car Service Coupons

One of the main obstacles to service customer retention is overcoming the customer belief that they can receive comparable vehicle service elsewhere at a more affordable price. Since nearly 75% of all surveyed consumers stated they had used a coupon at their dealership in the last three months, it’s clear that coupons do help capture attention—and business.

To ensure each of your prospective and current customers are receiving car service coupons that appeal most to them, via the channels they most prefer, your dealership marketing plan should be optimized for the best results. You’ll want to segment your customers into their preferred channels based on their demographics in addition to sending relevant, timely service offers at precise moments in their customer lifecycle. For example, your customers who are over 55 and almost due for routine car care are more likely to visit if you send them a print mail piece with limited-time dealership oil change coupons for their vehicle.

Simplify Your Service Retention Marketing

While much of the world today has gone digital, many of your customers still prefer receiving car service coupons in the mail. To make the most out of your dealership marketing, it’s crucial to use a multi-channel approach to help reach each customer, whether through the mail, over the internet, or via a smartphone.

Our industry experts are here to help your store maximize your marketing for the best results. Let us work with you to build your dealership marketing plan each quarter, with recommended coupons for every campaign. We’ll help you customize your marketing to your needs so you can generate more repair orders and drive more business.

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