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In an emerging, exciting market such as electric vehicles, the right knowledge—and decisions—can help move the needle toward success and standing out from the competition. As your potential customers consider buying an electric vehicle, they’re looking for a dealership that is in tune with their needs and wants.

In our 2023 National Consumer Survey, we illuminate some of the features EV shoppers want most. With this knowledge, you can better focus your EV sales marketing strategies to help guide electric vehicle customers toward purchase (and eventual service) with your store.

Align Your Marketing with the EV Features Shoppers Value

Which EV Features Do Customers Value Most?

While some futuristic electric vehicle features are certainly thrilling to highlight, such as the ability to summon the vehicle to your location, these aren’t necessarily the features EV shoppers find the most valuable or important.

According to our survey responses, here are the top EV features customers value:

  • Reverse camera
  • Lane departure sensors
  • Automatic engine shut-off when idle
  • Locking and unlocking the EV with a smartphone
  • Remote start

The least favored EV features included autonomous driving capabilities, interior temperature control (such as when leaving a pet inside the vehicle), and the ability to summon the EV to a location.

Tailoring Your EV Marketing for the Best Fit

Just as a well-made article of clothing quickly becomes a top choice, matching your sales marketing efforts to your potential customers can make all the difference. Here are a few ways to help ensure your marketing dollars—and results—are maximized.

First, create your EV car buyer persona. This fictional character will differ from your other personas because this shopper has unique needs and wants, so it’s important to determine what this EV-specific target audience responds to in terms of marketing.

Second, use precision targeting in your sales marketing. A “one size fits all” approach isn’t ideal for electric vehicle customers (or any customer, for that matter). Craft your target lists to include the most likely in-market EV shoppers, schedule your email communications and social media posts to target these customers at crucial moments in their lifecycle, and track your results so you can make adjustments as needed.

Third, enhance the automotive customer journey throughout their shopping experience, not only until purchase. Many of the customers buying an electric vehicle are first-time EV owners and will likely appreciate the guidance of your EV experts along the way. Use your marketing materials to help educate and inform your potential customers, encouraging them to choose your store when shopping for an EV.

Does Your EV Sales Marketing Need a Recharge?

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