Is Your Sales Marketing Keeping Up With Changing New Car Inventory?

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When your ideal customers go online and perform a car inventory search, are they finding your dealership? With the challenges car dealers are facing from supply shortages and an evolving economy, managing a fluctuating new car inventory and matching your sales marketing to it can be tricky.

There are several ways—and some top tech tools—that can help make easy work of moving your new car inventory levels in the right direction. From data-driven optimization to an omni-channel approach, here are some of our best tips to help you keep your sales marketing aligned with your current inventory so you can move more cars.

Align Your Sales Marketing Strategies with Your New Car Inventory

Set Your Sales Marketing Plan, But Don’t Forget to Optimize

Having a structured marketing plan for your dealership is crucial to driving showroom visits and closing sales. Once you’ve set and scheduled your sales campaigns, don’t become locked in to your current marketing calendar if it no longer meets your store’s changing needs.

With a fully integrated sales marketing solution, you can take advantage of proven list-build recommendations that will help move your new car inventory. Or, you can create a custom list to target specific customers with limited-time offers on your latest models.

Match the Right Customers with Your Current Inventory

Right now, there are potential customers shopping for the new car inventory you need to move. With the power of real-time third-party data, you can activate these sales leads, direct them to your vehicle inventory on your site, and convert them into sales.

How does this advanced technology work? Prospective customers browsing on major car shopping sites are located and their viewed vehicles—down to the VINs—are captured. Then, a targeted Facebook and Instagram ad featuring a vehicle from your inventory is displayed to those customers, linking them directly to your webpage.

Personalize Your Approach in an Ever-Changing Market

It’s no secret that some customers dislike and try to avoid the car dealership experience. There are several ways you and your sales team can help enhance the customer’s journey throughout the process—and it begins with the first contact.

As you optimize your sales marketing and target your potential leads, tailor each message for that ideal customer across every channel. From your social media ads and your email campaigns to your voice and SMS messages and website design, each channel offers an opportunity to help the customer see that your store is the best place to purchase, lease, and service their vehicle.

Searching for the Right Sales Solution?

Meeting your customers’ needs and moving your new car inventory doesn’t have to be a challenge. With a targeted marketing strategy, the right technology, and the support of industry experts, your dealership can enjoy more sales leads and signed deals. For more information on how our solutions can help, contact us today for a live demo.

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