6 Winning Strategies to Build Your EV Sales Dream Team

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Is your store ready to capture more of the growing electric vehicle market? As the EV market continues to gain momentum, your staff must be educated and trained in both electric vehicles and the sales strategies that will help you not only sell more EVs but also establish your dealership as an authority in EVs that customers can trust.

To prepare your staff and store for EV sales success, gain extensive knowledge of EVs, share that knowledge with potential customers, ensure you have the resources necessary to support EV customers, and help both staff and shoppers get charged up about electric vehicles. Here are six of the top sales strategies to help you build your electric vehicle sales dream team.

Amp Up Your Electric Car Sales Strategies With These Tips

1. Educate Your EV Sales Team

What do your sales staff know about electric vehicles? Help equip them for success by ensuring they understand the ins and outs of different types of EVs, their key features and benefits, and the common myths and misconceptions customers may have about them. Your sales team should also be familiar with the latest EV technology and trends.

In addition, having a dedicated EV sales team helps show customers that your store is serious about selling electric vehicles and that you have knowledgeable staff who can help them with the purchase process.

2. Adapt to Your New Customer Base

Whether your store has already captured several EV customers or are just beginning to attract potential EV shoppers, you can help your staff by adapting to this new customer base.

As you adjust for the EV buyer persona, consider what these shoppers need to know about EVs to learn how to market to them best. Within this customer base, you may have commuters concerned with EV range, busy parents with little time for constant vehicle maintenance, older drivers not knowledgeable about modern technology, or outdoorsy types who want more capability in a vehicle. Be ready to answer their questions and help them decide if an EV fits their needs (chances are, it certainly can).

3. Educate Your EV Customers

Many potential electric vehicle shoppers are simply uneducated about this new technology, and your sales team can help guide them by providing the expertise they need.

First, your sales staff should be able to answer common EV questions, including questions about range, charging times, costs, incentives, and maintenance.

Second, your team should be able to address customer concerns. Many people are hesitant to make the switch to EVs, so your team should tackle those concerns about range anxiety, charging infrastructure, and the overall cost of ownership.

Third, be sure your EV sales team can sell the benefits of EVs. EVs offer a number of advantages over traditional gas-powered vehicles, including lower operating costs, reduced emissions, and improved performance.

4. Prepare Your EV F&I Options

Electric vehicles won’t require traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) routine maintenance like oil changes, of course, but may need tire rotations or software updates more often. It’s crucial to prepare your F&I contract offerings for your EV customers to help not only reduce their concerns over the maintenance needs of their new EV, but also help gain their continued business with your service department.

5. Avoid Overselling EVs

Your sales team may be used to conventional sales strategies that have been effective in the traditional automotive market, but might find that these sales models aren’t ideal for electric car sales.

To help your team pivot for EVs, try taking an “agency” approach, remembering that customers will need more in-depth education on these new products and guidance to find the right fit for their vehicle needs.

6. Be Enthusiastic About EVs

We understand—you might not be charged up about electric vehicles for several reasons. You may have concerns about EV revenue streams, control over the sales process, or shaking up the status quo that has worked well for so long.

As you and your entire store embraces the electrifying changes in the automotive industry, your enthusiasm for these new EVs will help customers get excited about them too.

Surge Ahead in Your EV Sales With Expert Strategies

In an everchanging market, your dealership can continue to close deals and capture customers with the right EV sales strategies. Contact us to find out more about trends in the EV market or to explore Voltage, our comprehensive EV solution.

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