6 Ways Vendor Consolidation Adds Value to Your Store

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Bouncing between dealership software vendors can cause more than just a headache; it can affect your store’s efficiency, staff morale, and even your customers’ experience. It’s no surprise, then, that 85% of dealers want to work with a single vendor that provides solutions across all areas of operations, according to our latest Brand Awareness Survey.

Consolidating vendors offers more benefits for your dealership than you might expect—especially if you have outdated technology or difficult vendors causing frustrations. Here are six reasons why switching to a single vendor solution can add more value than just increased ROI.

Streamline Processes with a Single Dealership Software Source

6 Benefits to Consolidating Vendors

1. Supercharged Efficiency

You and your staff don’t have time to open various software programs and switch between them for every customer interaction. By combining multiple vendor functions into a single platform, you’ll be able to increase efficiency and reduce errors. From collecting up-to-date customer data and creating equity offers to booking service appointments and capturing video vehicle walkarounds, having your sales and service processes consolidated helps increase efficiency and accuracy.

2. Exceptional Customer Experience

One of the biggest reasons why customers return to their dealership is because they had a positive experience. And one of the ways you can help—or hurt—that experience is by choosing the right vendor solutions for your store. With integrated technology and automated tasks, your staff can provide an experience your customers won’t forget, whether they receive convenient and timely communications, chat with their service advisor via text messaging, or pay their bill online.

3. Consistent Branding and Messaging

If you received multiple email communications in a single day from a single business, would you be more likely to opt out? Having multiple dealership software vendors could mean multiple messages (possibly with varying branding or styles) are bombarding your customers. By consolidating vendors to a single source, your store’s marketing, branding, and customer communications can be created and managed for optimum consistency and effectiveness.

4. No Functionality Overlap

Using software from multiple vendors often results in an overlap in functionality. While you may need each vendor for various functions, you end up paying for extra features you don’t need. Investing in a single, integrated technology solution helps eliminate the extras and provides you with only what you need, helping you minimize spending while maximizing ROI.

5. Consolidated Data Insight

Vendor consolidation isn’t just for simplicity’s sake, it also helps consolidate your metrics, giving you better insight into your dealership processes. The increased transparency from consolidated data helps provide a clearer picture of your spend and identify areas for improvement. Plus, consolidated data can be analyzed to identify trends, improve decision-making, and optimize operations across your store.

6. Single-Point Support

Rather than ringing up various tech support offices, a single vendor for your dealership technology ideally connects you with a single performance manager and a full support team ready to assist. If you have a question about a program or service, the performance manager can help answer and guide you through. Or if an employee needs a login reset, the support team can make needed updates so you can access every software product with ease.

Cut Costs with Vendor Consolidation

In search of one vendor that rules them all? Our integrated solutions can help simplify your store’s processes while saving time and money. From CRM products and equity mining to service lane management and retention marketing, our dealership technology helps dealers see proven results. For more information, contact us today.


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