3 Ways Affinitiv’s XRM Improves Dealer Operations and Increases Revenue

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Creating brand loyalty in today's computerized world requires excellence and speed at every step of the automotive customer lifecycle, from first contact to repurchasing. If your dealership can't keep pace, we can guide you through a digital transformation to streamline your operations.

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The automotive market is still reeling from the disruption experienced in 2020, and in order to grow in this volatile market, auto dealer’s operational tools need to be up to par. Often used for standard internet lead management, the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software should have more bells and whistles to helps tackle today’s challenges. With the average new vehicle sale price currently declining, every lead is crucial to a dealership’s ongoing success. Are you getting the most out of your automotive CRM? The right CRM has the power to help you build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects—and beyond that—streamline operations while increasing revenue. Below are three ways Affinitiv’s XRM helps dealers do just that. 

Streamline Operations & Refocus Efforts  

With less foot traffic visiting dealer showrooms, it is of the utmost importance to get creative with time spent by dealership personnel. In many cases, dealers are still working with reduced staff due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To combat reduced labor, AI-driven chat is an essential tool for dealerships to rely on. With XRM AI powered by Conversica, dealerships are given a highly reliable and seamless exchange of data that helps accelerate retailer performance and enhance the vehicle shopper’s experience. With a dialogue already started and needs captured in real time, dealership staff tasks can be redistributed to more important endeavors. 

Once the traffic is in the door, you don’t want to deter a purchase or create a less-than-ideal shopping experience with a lengthy buying process. A common complaint by auto shoppers, especially in times of COVID-19 where consumers are looking to spend less time at the dealership, can easily be sped up by using Affinitiv XRM. Before a shopper ever steps foot in the dealership, their credit application submission will create a profile within XRM, which can then be swiftly pushed through integrations with Dealertrack, RouteOne, and more well-known automotive credit companies for approval. When the shopper arrives, the salesperson can begin adding notes and information to this same profile from their desk and continue to add while on the lot with the mobile app, Mobile XRM. Advanced mobile features like voice-to-text and scanning capabilities for a driver’s license or VIN help eliminate double entry that typically occurs between department hand-offs. These features and more allow salespeople to keep their focus on the client while expediting the buying process.  

By shifting the standard dealer playbook approach and closing these operational gaps, valuable time can be reallocated to producing better marketing, identifying stronger leads, and selling more cars. 

Cultivate Leads & Close More Sales 

Every day, customers need new, personalized communications that are targeted to where they fall in their unique shopping or owner journey. These follow-ups can range from recent showroom visits to those fast approaching their final lease payment—a broad spectrum requiring multiple levels of unique personalization. Affinitiv XRM allows dealers to identify, segment, and customize both outreach method (email, text, phone call) and appropriate time intervals to create a strong and steady cadence of follow-ups. What comes next? Working these follow-ups—something salespeople can easily forget to do without a system to support. To help combat this common challenge, XRM makes it easier than ever with pop-up notifications on desktop and push notifications on Mobile XRM so salespeople don’t lose sight of timely communications that ultimately affect their bottom line. 

Affinitiv’s XRM results-based follow-up system creates a sophisticated way to follow up with unsold showroom visits, internet leads, owner-based customers, and beyond—helping your sales team convert leads into sales. 

Leverage Ongoing, Expert Support 

Advanced technology doesn’t always come with best-in-class support—but it should. Affinitiv XRM goes beyond the platform to build relationships and ensure our automotive CRM generates optimal outcomes for dealers. Our live field support begins with on-site dealership training and continues with return visits to the dealership every 45-60 days. Through ongoing, consultative support, one XRM client said, We went from taking 20 appointments a day to handling 40 comfortably—a 100% increase in business.” XRM’s dedicated Performance Managers continuously help dealerships throughout staff turnover, offer best practices and ideas, and do so with an extreme amount of tenure—an average of 7 years!  

Affinitiv XRM is a fully integrated CRM powerhouse built by dealers, for dealers. If you have not seen Affinitiv XRM lately, now is the time. With a new user interface, added technologies, expanded functionalities, and more, this is the premier automotive CRM. Proven to make dealership jobs easier and more effective, XRM helps dealers creatively utilize their database, continue retention, keep an ongoing dialogue between customers and the dealership, and so much more. An essential, customizable tool that can streamline operations and drive revenue—no matter what new challenges 2021 might bring to the automotive market.    

Interested in learning more? Combat today’s challenges with the best-suited technology. Contact us for a demo and get the full XRM experience.

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