4 Must-Know Marketing Trends to Master Social Media in 2023

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If you think social media is just for memes, cat videos, and popular dance moves, think again—almost half of Gen Z, Millennial, and Gen X users have discovered new products on social media platforms. Users of social media are getting to know companies and brands through their social pages, researching new products more on social than on search engines, and even making purchases directly in-app.

In order for car dealerships to be relevant and stay competitive while powering your social media marketing strategy for the best results, you must know (and leverage) these top social media marketing trends.

Set a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy with These Trends

1. Create eye-catching video content

Video may have caused tragedy to befall radio stars, but it is perfect for creating a stir on your dealership social media pages. As the most engaging type of content on social media, high-quality, informative, and entertaining video content should be leveraged in car dealership marketing catch the attention of potential customers.

Some of the best ways to use video include:

  • About Us. Share more details about your sales and service offerings, what sets your store apart from the competition, and why customers should choose your dealership.
  • Customer Testimonials. Include customer conversations, storytelling, and interviews answering specific questions about their experiences. Keep these videos concise and encourage viewers to act.
  • Promotional Videos. Create commercials that advertise current or upcoming specials and promotions, holiday events, and fundraisers.
  • Product Demo Videos. Show customers how to use the latest tech or safety features in your vehicles, give a sneak peek of new models, and demonstrate what to check out during a test-drive.

2. Outshine the dull post pool with personalization

You’ve likely experienced a business that had a clever, engaging social media page, and several that did not. Creating a social media presence that is memorable, informative, and catered to your customers’ needs and wants is critical. Personalization is a powerful way to stand out and stay top-of-mind.

Automotive dealerships can personalize their social media marketing content by using data to segment audiences and create targeted content and campaigns. For example, you can capture data on what potential customers are researching (such as specific models), then target those shoppers with social media ads featuring your inventory that matches their online searches.

3. Capture more customers with social commerce

Social commerce is fairly new, but growing in popularity. As social commerce expands, more users are able to make purchases from businesses and companies directly through their social media platforms. This trend is expected to continue to grow, and it offers many opportunities for automotive dealerships to capitalize on. By integrating social commerce into your social media marketing strategy, you can make it easier for potential customers to purchase vehicles, parts, accessories, or services right from your social media pages.

4. Take a multi-channel approach to social marketing

A one-size-fits-all social media post might save you time, but it could miss the mark with your potential and current customers. When formulating your social media marketing strategy, be sure to take a multi-channel approach, meaning taking advantage of the various strengths and benefits available on each channel.

Facebook has a large audience of users (and shoppers) for dealers to target. This platform allows you to narrow the audience based on proximity to your dealership, vehicle makes and models, and other factors, so you can focus your efforts on higher potential customers.

Instagram promotes highly visual posts and appeals to Millennials, a major car-buying segment. This platform gives you the ability to tell image and video-driven stories about your brand, your vehicles, your employees, and more.

YouTube is among the top three platforms used by social media marketing professionals, and should be a top choice for dealership marketing as well. With the power of video, dealers can use their YouTube channel to provide vehicle walk-arounds, give potential customers a virtual dealership tour, and add a personal touch with employee spotlights.

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