The Best Car Dealership Marketing Strategies for a Digital World

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Dealerships, like any other business, rely heavily on marketing. However, the marketing concept continuously evolves as the average consumer migrates to online services in today’s increasingly tech-heavy world. Competing in this fast-paced environment requires implementing new car dealership marketing strategies to identify, contact, and expand audiences via these digital channels. 

Car Dealership Marketing Strategies 

All dealers should consider the following strategies for bolstering their online presence: 

Design an SEO-Friendly Website 

Search engine optimization (SEO) boosts online visibility and raises a dealership’s chances of appearing on the first pages of Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The first step in developing an SEO strategy is to design a user-friendly website that: 

  • Offers simple navigation 
  • Includes crucial vehicle and financing information 
  • Loads quickly  
  • Provides physical, phone, and online contact information 

Second, dealers should regularly publish blog posts on their website that provide basic information on vehicles and buying experiences to boost search engine results. These blogs should include keywords connected to their inventory and services to address what potential clients want most.  

If written correctly, these blogs will also help potential customers view the dealership as a trustworthy source of information and advice. 

Depending on the annual marketing budget, dealers might consider partnering with a content marketing expert to develop content that resonates with and attracts the target market. 

Leverage Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools 

Certain online activities suggest a high possibility that customers will purchase a vehicle early in the sales process, even before they look to sell their existing car. With recent advancements in third-party cookies and mobile advertising, AI can assist dealerships in monitoring this activity to identify leads by: 

  • Combining first-party data (information the dealership collects from customers) with tens of thousands of near-real-time data points to identify customers displaying similar behaviors. 
  • Pinpointing overlapping segments between demographics to prioritize targets. 

These strategies can broaden any dealer’s prospective customer base and provide them with a competitive advantage.  

Be Selective with an Email Campaign 

Sending promotional emails to consumers can be a terrific way to boost future sales, and a good email marketing plan may be a beneficial asset for any dealership.  

However, that strategy should avoid overburdening a lead’s inbox with too many sales promotions. An email bombardment might encourage a would-be customer to ignore that dealership’s communications altogether, potentially missing an attractive offer. 

An effective strategy to avoid email overuse might include reserving communications for the following instances:  

  • Providing relevant and practical information linked to specific blog entries on the website 
  • Advertising seasonal or exclusive offers 
  • Requesting customer feedback via a brief survey 

These strategies can help dealers: 

  • Develop a valued brand with industry authority 
  • Foster a personal connection 
  • Increase your customer retention rate 

Develop a Social Media Presence 

A social media presence is becoming increasingly critical in today’s digital landscape. A vast majority of the population uses social media in some capacity, and dealerships without a voice on any of the available channels will lose ground to competitors. 

Dealers should create content that entices and engages the target audience. They should also tailor those communications based on the social media site.  

For example: 

  • Twitter has a 280-character limit, so posts must be clear and concise. 
  • Facebook posts can be significantly longer. Dealers might consider telling short stories or offering more detailed information. 
  • Instagram is terrific for short captions, intriguing photographs, and video snippets.  
  • YouTube can help position a dealership as an authority in the local market via thoughtful and informative videos tailored to the local community. These videos might include how-to videos, Q&As, and behind-the-scenes footage. 

An Effective Digital Campaign Requires the Right Tools 

With nearly all potential customers beginning their car-buying experience online, you should strongly consider implementing car dealership marketing strategies that leverage digital marketing tools to improve inventory turnover. 

These tools can allow you to take explicit actions to pave the way for a bright company perspective, from strategically establishing an SEO-friendly website and using your email database to activating social media, networking, and improving your online reputation. 

Contact us today and discover how Affinitiv’s Digital solutions can augment your marketing campaign through data-driven tools that can optimize landing pages and keyword usage, and perform valuable campaign audits.  

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