Summer Marketing Campaigns for Dealerships: 10 Tips 

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Consumers look to upgrade their vehicles during the summer months for several reasons. Some might be looking for better gas mileage ahead of long road trips in ideal weather, while others might need more seats before starting a new school year.  

Whatever their motive, many buyers visit dealerships at a higher rate as the weather warms. More showroom foot traffic makes summer marketing campaigns crucial for car dealerships. The right strategies can boost their visibility and attract potential consumers with focused marketing efforts tailored to the seasonal car buyer. 

This article discusses ten strategies for summer marketing campaigns that dealers should consider before the upcoming season. 

10 Tips for Summer Marketing Campaigns 

1. Summer Event Sponsorships 

Dealers might support a summertime community event like a charity run, county fair, or music festival. These events are an effective means of engaging with local customers and improving the dealership’s image. 

2. Fourth of July Sales 

Throughout the summer, a Fourth of July sale can be a terrific way to draw customers to the dealership. Dealers can advertise exclusive offers and incentives for a limited time. 

3. Campaigns for Summer Road Trips 

Dealers can promote the idea of summer road trips by highlighting their vehicles’ relevant features and capabilities. Building awareness might include social media posts and ads that showcase cars on long stretches of highway and scenic locations, along with messaging emphasizing the sense of adventure and freedom of hitting the open road. 

4. College Graduate Programs 

Participating in college graduate programs that provide special financing or leasing choices for recent grads is an excellent method to target a younger demographic during the summer. 

5. Summer-Themed Promotions 

Dealers might also consider promotions with a summer theme, such as complimentary car washes with purchases or special deals on air conditioning maintenance. They can also offer new customers limited-time leasing or financing offers. 

6. Referral Programs 

Recent car buyers are likelier to refer friends or family to the dealership if offered incentives like gift cards, service discounts, or cash awards. 

7. Social Media Contests 

Dealers can conduct social media contests that ask participants to post pictures of their current vehicles or plans for summer adventures in exchange for discounts on services or products. Increases in social media activity often result in better engagement and brand recognition. 

8. Test Drive Events 

Potential buyers can discover vehicles hands-on with a test drive event.  Dealers can create a fun atmosphere with refreshments, freebies, and music to draw customers to their dealerships. 

9. Summer Maintenance Tips 

Dealers can create content offering tips on maintaining a car during the summer, such as checking the tire pressure or changing the windshield wipers. By doing this, they can establish their dealership as a reliable source for car owners and increase traffic in the service lane. 

10. Family Events 

The warm weather is perfect for hosting family-friendly events on the lot. These activities might include barbeques and carnival games. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Campaign Requires the Best Technology 

These ten tips for summer marketing campaigns can help dealers take advantage of the increased demand during the summer months and attract new customers. They can also assist dealers in fostering customer loyalty and brand awareness, which can result in repeat sales and referrals. 

Nevertheless, to truly realize the advantages of these tactics, your dealership needs the industry’s premier lead generation technologies, which can assist you in locating and converting potential summer buyers. 

Contact us today and learn how Affinitiv’s data-driven technologies can help you plan summer marketing campaigns that draw more seasonal leads to the showroom. 

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