How to Vitalize Your Electric Vehicle Sales Profits

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Just as electric vehicles require different marketing and sales strategies than internal combustion engine models, they also offer different upsell opportunities. Educating your EV sales team—and your customers—about these opportunities can help power your electric vehicle sales profitability.

In our 2023 EV Study, we revealed some of the biggest areas of interest for EV intenders—and some of the biggest revenue drivers for dealerships. By promoting these options and offerings to your electric vehicle shoppers, you can help increase the profitability of each electric vehicle sale while creating loyal repeat customers as well.

Ways to Increase Profitability of Electric Vehicle Sales

What Are EV Intenders Interested in Purchasing?

Home chargers: Over 80% of respondents would purchase a home charger for their EV, making this a great revenue opportunity for your store. Be sure to offer a home charger at the time of purchase to help ease customer charging concerns and close more deals.

Extended warranties: Many of your potential EV buyers are likely worried about the reliability of this new technology, so an extended warranty could help convert these customers. According to our study, more than half of the respondents would purchase an extended warranty for their EV.

Prepaid maintenance plans: You already know how prepaid maintenance plans help draw customers back for service, but did you know that EV drivers are interested in these plans, too? Over 70% of respondents are likely to purchase a prepaid maintenance plan, and on average they would be willing to pay around $2,300 for the plan. Including these service plans in your EV offerings will help capture these customers for the long haul, driving your service lane profitability, too.

Subscription services: In addition to an annual all-encompassing service plan, EV customers are also interested in access to fast charging at their dealership and vehicle pickup/delivery service. These subscription-based services present your store with added revenue opportunities that your competitors may not offer.

Turn Profit Opportunities into Positive Outcomes

As your electric vehicle sales surge in, make the most of each opportunity by knowing what your EV customers want—and precisely marketing to those desires. Stay top-of-mind with your potential customers to help them make a decision, and keep them after the sale with personalized communications, service reminders, and special offers.

Even though EVs require less maintenance than ICE-powered vehicles, you can keep your revenue streams flowing by promoting your EV-tailored prepaid maintenance plans. Help newer electric vehicle owners navigate their EV’s service needs while driving profitability in your service department as well.

Increase Profit with Professional Tools

If your dealership marketing technology needs a recharge, explore our advanced solutions. Affinitiv Essentials, paired with Voltage, can help you attract, convert, and keep more customers for more electric vehicle sales, service, and repurchase. Contact us today for your live demo.


To learn more about the latest EV trends, download the 2023 EV Study recently completed by Affinitiv below.

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