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Do you know what your customers are looking for when they shop vehicle tires? Many customers perform some research online, comparing brands and prices. They know there are several options for them to choose from, including major warehouse store chains, independent quick-change shops, and more.

That’s why you need targeted tire sales marketing to engage your current and potential customers at key moments during their vehicle ownership lifecycle. If you’re feeling lost in the treads with tire marketing and want to know how to tap into this substantial source of revenue, here are some tips to take your tire sales up a notch with a well-executed marketing plan.

Friction in Your Tire Sales? Try These Marketing Tips

Good: Plan for Seasonal Tire Needs and Sales Events

Throughout the year you may have special tire sales events, in addition to the changing seasons and common weather patterns in your area. Include these known events and seasons in your marketing plan so you’re prepared to inform customers at the right moments.

Create email communications to build customers’ anticipation of an upcoming tire sales event, so they can take advantage of the current promos available. Make use of the ability to schedule social media posts in advance so you don’t miss a chance to stay top-of-mind with your customers. And be sure to let customers know of the importance of summer or winter tires (if local conditions require special tires) and the best time to stop by your store for a set and installation service.

Better: Position Your Store as the Tire Experts

Are your customers aware of the signs it might be time for a new set of tires, such as strange sounds while driving, loss of traction, or uneven wear? Some newer or younger drivers might not! This provides your service department the opportunity to position your staff and store as the tire experts your customers can trust (something they may not receive at an independent shop).

When you send your tire sales promotions and marketing communications, include helpful graphics, charts, and videos to demonstrate important info to your customers. Teach them the “penny test” so they can see if their tires’ tread is low. Explain how varying tread depths affect stopping distance, decreasing braking power and safety on the road with balding tires. And assure them your team can help answer any questions they have, and equip their vehicle with a quality set of tires.

Best: Personalize Tire Marketing to Strengthen Customer Loyalty

You most likely already know how critical personalization is in your store’s marketing, from sales to service and beyond. Personalized automotive marketing has the power to build stronger customer connections—decreasing price sensitivity and “shopping around” while increasing close rates and customer loyalty. With the right messages sent at the right time, your customers will discover that their dealership understands their current needs (for example, tire promos sent as their tires reach a certain mileage), has the expertise they trust (recommends tires fit for their model), and offers value that other shops can’t (service financing options, pickup and delivery service, etc.).

Gain Traction in Your Tire Sales with Targeted Marketing

You have the customer data you need to capture more tire sales, and there are several ways to use it to supercharge your marketing plan for tires. Take advantage of tire sales events, social media messaging, product demo videos, and more to fill your service lane with loyal customers. If you’re in need of a complete, integrated marketing solution to add to your strategy, contact us for a live demo today.

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