3 Reasons Why Personalizing Automotive Marketing is Critical for Your Dealership

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Consumers are bombarded with brand communications every day, and each generic marketing piece will eventually look the same. To stand out, dealers must prove they can address consumer-specific demands.

Meeting these expectations requires connecting with consumers individually by personalizing their automotive marketing. A campaign tailored to each consumer can go a long way to building the personal relationships necessary for creating brand loyalty.

This article discusses three benefits of such a strategy.

3 Benefits of Personalizing Automotive Marketing 

Personalizing automotive marketing leverages digital technology and data analytics to deliver individualized content to your current and prospective customers. 

1. Meeting Expectations 

Individually tailored marketing communications are increasingly becoming a part of consumers’ everyday lives.  

Streaming platforms suggest content based on past viewing; online stores offer products based on what you have viewed or is in your cart. 

As tailored experiences become the norm, 71% of consumers expect personalization. 

 42% of consumers are dissatisfied when dealers do not personalize marketing content and fail to meet expectations, leading them to ignore your content and look unfavorably towards your dealership.  

Consumers are even willing to help create those enhanced journeys, evidenced by the following statistics: 

  • 83% of consumers will share their general data. 
  • More than 50% of consumers are willing to provide information on products they enjoy.  
  • 90% of consumers will supply personal behavioral data to companies. 

Addressing customer desires is important, but meeting their basic expectations is essential for curating lasting business.  

2. Stronger Customer Connections 

You can create a good customer connection sooner by granting your sales team access to the data used to personalize your communication strategies out-of-store. 

With more customers willing to share data for a unique experience, your dealership can access and use precise customer information and preferences to maximize every interaction.  

Equipping salespeople with unique background information will allow your team to cater to each customer better. This strategy will create more effortless conversations and end with the customer feeling acknowledged and heard from the beginning.  

Improving these baseline relationships will allow potential customers to trust and start an emotional attachment to your team.  

An emotional relationship in the car buying experience results in customers who are: 

  • 44% less likely to shop around  
  • 33% less price sensitive   
  • More likely to recommend your services 

From the first point of communication, salespeople have the power to steer conversations in a way that matches the specific customer.  

Unsurprisingly, in-store and out-of-store personalization benefits result in a 30% higher close rate and up to 70% increased customer loyalty.  

3. Higher Returns on Investment 

Marketing communications should interact with current and prospective customers to bring them into the dealership for business.  

Before you can convince customers to choose your dealership for service, customers must first be willing to interact with your communications. Three separate recent studies have found: 

  • Personalize calls to action convert 202% better than standard or default calls to action.  
  • 72% of consumers claim to only engage with personalized messaging. 
  • Personalized offers are more than twice as likely categorized as important as standard offers.  

With more interaction and a favorable view of marketing strategies, personalization has helped numerous businesses increase their ROI and decrease costs. 

  • Companies using advanced personalization see $20 ROI per $1 spent
  • Of those who exceed revenue goals, 79% have a personalization strategy.  
  • You can reduce customer acquisition costs by 50% with personalization.   

The Right Strategy Requires the Right Tools

Meeting these expectations will allow your dealership to improve customer relationships and use data proving the investment of personalizing automotive marketing is worthwhile.  

Personalizing automotive marketing has immense potential. Since creating a unique ad or email to every customer is impossible, this strategy is only as effective as your technology allows. You need solutions that will turn potential into results.  

Contact us today and discover how Affinitiv’s Newsletter can help maximize your ROI with customer-personalized content with dealer-customizable layouts.  

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