5 Reasons Why Personalized Content Matters for Your Dealership

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In today’s tech-heavy world, where generic digital advertisements saturate communication channels, it becomes difficult to grab a car buyer’s attention without authenticity. 

Personalized content that addresses specific needs is critical to capturing an audience barraged with blanketed advertisements. However, not all auto dealers understand how essential personalization can be for fostering customer relationships that boost overall sales and promote long-term growth. 

This article explains five reasons why personalized content is critical for dealerships. 

Why Personalized Content is Critical for Dealerships 

Five reasons why dealers should consider tailoring their marketing efforts include: 

1. Car Buyers Expect It 

Consumers begin demanding personalization once they experience it, regardless of the industry. That exposure might come in any one of multiple digital or physical forms, including: 

  • Email advertisements 
  • Website content 
  • Text messages 
  • Phone calls 
  • Flyers 
  • Mailed letters 

Personalized content is no different than any other luxury or convenience. Once a consumer becomes accustomed to it, they gradually expect it. The potential customer might find it strange and even unsettling if a dealer were to take it away.  

Dealers also risk alienating prospects who do not relate to the more untailored content, and a regression to the more generic might even suggest laziness. 

2. It Can Extend Website Sessions 

Websites are more compelling to a target audience when they offer relevant content. When visitors come across and read thoughtful articles that speak to specific pain points, that reader is more likely to engage further. 

This prolonged visit might prompt the reader to revisit the website in the future when they require subject-matter expertise. Dealers establishing themselves as industry authorities can more easily build trust, increasing the chances of customers buying their vehicles. 

3. It Helps Dealers Stand Out in a Crowd 

Information overload is an unfortunate byproduct of online marketing’s rapid acceleration, and consumers cannot necessarily read and respond to every communication. As a result, would-be car buyers typically have more unopened emails, unread texts, and missed calls than they care to acknowledge. 

If a potential customer only has so much time to read marketing materials, and they must pick and choose, they are likely to skip: 

  • Emails with generic subject lines 
  • Text messages that begin with a blanketed statement 
  • Impersonal prerecorded phone calls 
  • Cookie-cutter website content 

Dealers have little time to leave an excellent first impression; their marketing teams can cut through the clutter and demand attention by offering individualized content. 

4. It “Feels” Normal When Done Correctly 

Some businesses worry that personalized content will appear forced and make their website look awkward, or even that it might spook visitors who think the company knows too much about them. 

However, the reality is that potential buyers genuinely want dealers to take the time to understand them. Barring requesting personal information unnecessarily, tailoring content pertinent to customer interests is highly desirable.  

Instead of worrying about website safety as they become more personalized, users are more actively accepting of them as sources of relevant information. 

5. It Increases Efficiency, Which Decreases Wasted Time 

When a dealership offers personalized content and an associated call to action (CTA), site users essentially categorize themselves based on what CTA they choose, providing for more effective customer follow-ups through:  

  • Better preparation. Because visitors can immediately identify what is important to them and assess whether a specific vehicle is a suitable fit, the dealer will already know the customer’s preferences before contacting them.  
  • Well-managed resources. Knowing what the customer wants allows the sales and customer service teams to manage time and workforce more efficiently. 
  • Selectivity. Personalization also helps dealers exclude those potential customers who exhibit the traits of low-value leads by navigating the site passively without acting in any specific area. 

Creating the Best Content Requires the Best Digital Tools 

Personalized content becomes increasingly vital in any successful marketing campaign as communication channels and digitization expand. Customers encounter more advertisements than they can process, and to stand out, you must offer something that speaks to each of them individually. 

However, doing so effectively requires the best suite of data-driven marketing solutions that can design campaigns specifically for your target audience. 

Contact us today and discover how Affinitiv Digital’s innovative technologies can help you tailor marketing content to your ideal audience and convert more high-quality leads into active customers. 

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