4 Ways to Get More Automotive Customer Feedback

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Customer feedback is vital to enhancing car buying, selling, and service experiences and boosting customer satisfaction. Their input can help dealers identify team strengths and weaknesses and adjust the current strategy as necessary.  

However, knowing how and where to collect this information is not necessarily straightforward. Customers leverage different communication channels, and some are more willing to invest time than others. 

This article lists four strategies dealers might employ to collect automotive customer feedback and improve those experiences. 

How to Get More Automotive Customer Feedback 

All dealers should consider the following methods for upping the frequency and quality of customer feedback: 

1. Encourage Communication 

Customers typically do not offer unsolicited feedback and are often unaware that dealerships are interested in their opinions. 

To combat that misconception, dealers might consider identifying when customers are likely to be most receptive to questions. Management should instruct team members to introduce customer satisfaction surveys at these critical points, which might include:   

  • At reception 
  • Immediately after the customer agrees to a purchase or sale 
  • During a service appointment 
  • At the time of payment 

Finding the right time to approach customers can be critical to receiving thoughtful feedback. 

2. Create Simple Surveys  

No client wants to go through a drawn-out, complex feedback procedure. They are going out of their way to help the dealer, making it crucial to provide them with a straightforward and well-designed customer survey platform where: 

  • Queries are short and to the point 
  • Instructions are easy to follow 
  • Submitting the form is straightforward 

Making the process simple for customers is critical because they are unlikely to invest time in a detailed survey. 

3. Pose Engaging Questions 

The questions a dealer poses to customers will determine what they learn about their processes. It is crucial dealers present inquiries that accurately represent what the dealer wants to know, which might include learning more about service speed or staff responsiveness.  

Specific examples include survey questions like “How was your service today?” or “Rate the helpfulness of your sales representative.” 

Additionally, dealers should present questions in a manner that reflects customer preferences, such as:  

  • Pick lists 
  • Multiple choice  
  • Brief forms 

If a dealer is unsure what questions their clients will respond to, they might try a few different approaches and review the results. They might change the survey to incorporate more long-form questions if people prefer them to the limited answer options of a multiple-choice form.  

The chances of receiving helpful feedback rise when dealers design surveys to reflect the target audience’s preferences. 

4. Use an Omnichannel Approach 

Convenience is often necessary for encouraging customers to complete surveys. Most people use apps to communicate in today’s digital world, often more than one at once. Offering a range of choices will expand your audience while still meeting the needs of your current clients. Those channels might include: 

  • Facebook Messenger 
  • SMS 
  • What’s App 

Dealers should also consider using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software when building a presence across several media so customer service teams can more efficiently manage feedback. A CRM platform will streamline the process, automatically prioritizing urgent messages and offering valuable data analytics tools. 

Collecting Quality Feedback Requires the Best Software 

Measuring automotive customer feedback is essential for improving your day-to-day service delivery. Customers have firsthand knowledge of the caliber of your services, so getting their perspective can help you identify potential areas for development that you might have missed.  

Additionally, customer input can present a chance for brand-new, exciting improvements. Your customers are the best judges of what constitutes the most satisfactory experience to win their continued loyalty, whether promoting car service or advising an upgrade to a vehicle. 

However, addressing those concerns requires the best digital customer service tools. Your dealership requires a solution that encourages customer interactions, provides the necessary communication channels, and supplies you with the best-trained agents to handle those inquiries.  

Contact us today and discover how Affinitiv’s Call Center can help you collect more useful automotive customer feedback to enhance experiences and brand loyalty. 

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