Retaining Car Sales Reps During the Great Resignation: 6 Strategies

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Attracting and retaining car sales reps can be difficult in an environment where unemployment rates are low and new job creation is high. Employees have options in the current market; if managers do not invest time and resources into their sales teams, those reps will explore new opportunities. 

This article outlines six strategies managers should consider to encourage employees to remain in their current positions. 

6 Strategies for Retaining Cares Sales Reps 

1. Establish a Positive Culture 

Successful managers develop their culture around a clear and compelling endgame, and they go to great lengths to hire and empower top talent to join their teams.  

The best sales reps value a positive company culture that drives them to exceed expectations and supports their efforts to serve customers better.  

The following are strategies to develop that culture:  

  • Establish a positive candidate experience and onboarding process 
  • Design and communicate a vision that the team can rally behind 
  • Embolden the sales staff by offering better opportunities for great performers  
  • Lead by example 

2. Consider a Hybrid Pay Structure 

Financial incentives are commonly used in the auto business to compensate car sales reps and assure healthy wages. However, some employees prefer a steady paycheck over the unpredictability of commission-based pay. 

The latter preference does not necessarily mean managers should overhaul their commission structure entirely. Still, managers might investigate ways to boost basic pay and provide alternative incentives for going the extra mile for the dealership. 

3. Allow for (Somewhat) Flexible Schedules 

Although auto dealerships do not operate on a typical 9-5 schedule, being rigid about traditional work-week schedules may be scaring away sales reps who prefer more flexibility. 

While employees should not be allowed to work fewer hours or have the option to arrive and leave whenever they want, a shift toward more flexible scheduling is likely to inspire and drive them. 

Everyone wants an excellent work-life balance, and creative employee scheduling is a terrific way to demonstrate that managers care about their sales reps’ well-being. 

4. Find Ways to Become a Great Leader 

Being a great leader is vital to maintaining a great sales team, and managers might consider taking these steps to augment their leadership tactics: 

  • Develop better listening skills. Great leaders often show that they value employees by taking what their employees say to heart. 
  • Provide psychological safety. Establish an atmosphere where the team feels comfortable taking interpersonal risks. 
  • Remember that there are several ways to communicate. Managers should never forget that communicating clearly with staff takes more than words. Proper communication encompasses everything managers do to connect with their sales reps, including attitude, actions, and tone of voice. 
  • Keep promises. Managers gain employee trust by doing what they say they will do. 
  • Explain the “why.”  The best leaders have a clear, expressed, and steadfast vision for what they want to accomplish. Otherwise, a team might not know where they are going and why. 

5. Create Opportunities for Development 

Sales reps want to advance in their jobs, and how managers approach professional development can significantly impact team retention and sales numbers.  

Maintaining sales teams is tricky during today’s job market, requiring a shift in perspective and approach to growth. Managers can demonstrate their dedication to the group and individual success by investing in: 

  • Ongoing mentoring, including one-on-one meetings 
  • Proper training during onboarding 
  • Opportunities to attend career improvement seminars 
  • Constructive feedback 
  • Performance reviews 

6. Celebrate Small Victories 

If managers only recognize and promote their top car sales reps when they sell the most expensive cars, those reps may lose motivation and leave for a more supportive atmosphere.  

However, managers can help preserve team motivation by acknowledging and celebrating daily accomplishments. A lack of consistent big sales does not necessarily mean that reps are not working hard and adding value, and celebrating their everyday efforts is critical. 

Retaining Care Sales Reps Requires the Right Technology 

Retaining car sales reps can be challenging in any situation, not to mention in a candidate-friendly job market. However, employing the abovementioned tactics might give you a better chance of long-term retention. 

You should also consider the digital tools you provide for your sales staff. The right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and digital marketing solutions can streamline their daily tasks, increase customer traffic, and promote sales.  

The more productive and successful your sales reps feel, the more encouraged they might become to remain at your dealership and continue driving positive results. 

Contact us today and learn how Affinitiv’s innovative data-driven solutions can give your sales reps the tools to be successful and remain motivated. 

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