Q&A: Upcoming Study and Weekly Insights Provide Foundation for New Series on Automotive Industry Trends

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We’re more than just another car automotive software and marketing company—we’re here to help drive dealership success. Our team is an ambitious group of automotive industry professionals, and we’re passionate about supercharging solutions in the business. In addition to providing regular blog posts on general best practices, tips, and tricks, we also conduct studies and gather data-driven insights to explore consumer behavior and automotive industry trends more in-depth. Read on to learn more about our strategies and purpose.

How Our New Study and Weekly Insights Can Help Drive Dealership Success

Why does Affinitiv conduct ongoing analysis?

Our goal is to become your go-to source for industry insider info. To make this happen, we perform national studies annually to keep a pulse on consumer behavior and to gain insight into changes in automotive trends. We also routinely uncover and leverage insights to deliver top-notch products and strategies for our dealership clients. Finding insights organically and authentically helps us enable dealers to differentiate themselves from—and outperform—their competitors.

In addition to providing insightful guidance to dealerships, we’re also dedicated to improving the customer experience. It’s clear that our findings have a direct impact on consumer wants and needs, and how those relate to dealerships.

Where can I explore these ongoing findings?

You’ll find many of our insights in our blog posts, and we also conduct larger studies and analyses that are available for download. Recently, we wrapped up our 2023 National Consumer Survey, and this data on consumer behavior trends will be available as a PDF in the coming days. Plus, we’re now posting individual data insights every Monday, so keep an eye out for those. Visit our social media pages and our website to check out our blogs, survey downloads, and insights. You can also contact us directly if you’d like to be alerted by email anytime we release a new study.

What does the next Affinitiv survey include?

Our 2023 National Consumer Survey uncovers valuable insights into both consumer behaviors and automotive industry trends from customers who have either purchased a vehicle from a dealership in the last twelve months or serviced their vehicle in the last twelve months.

Our main areas of focus for this study included:

  • Sales insights​: Recent vehicle purchase, online transactions​
  • Service insights​: Appointment setting, retention, video inspections, messaging preferences​
  • Consumer mindset insights​: Touchless service, loyalty programs, coupon preferences, chatbot usage, inflation concerns​

What are some key takeaways we can look forward to reading about?

We take a deep dive into what consumers value when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, and how online transactions are expected now more than ever. We find out what motivates customers to go to a dealership for service, and what they expect during their service experience. We discover which opportunities dealers have to attract and retain customers, increasing satisfaction—and strengthening the long-term customer lifecycle. Plus much more. These are just a few of the takeaways you can gain from our recent survey results.

How can I learn more?

Follow us on social media and check out our website for more car sales trends, insights, and info, and please feel free to contact our team directly, anytime. We strive to go beyond just being a software provider—we are dedicated to being a reliable and trusted source for guidance, best practices, and up-to-date insights for OEMs, groups, dealerships, and their clients.

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