Leveraging Omnichannel for Auto Sales

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To succeed in the automotive space, dealers must recognize the value of adopting an omnichannel sales strategy that centers the customer experience and extends across various physical and digital channels. 

This approach creates a unified, seamless car buying experience for customers – regardless of where and how they interact with your dealership. 

This article discusses the advantages of leveraging omnichannel for auto sales and strategies for their implementation.

How to Integrate Omnichannel for Auto Sales: 5 Strategies

1. Upskill your Sales Team 

A team of talented sales representatives in the automotive industry is critical to establishing long-term omnichannel success.  

Training and preparing all staff for an omnichannel approach is a compelling way to drive revenue and create more sales opportunities for your dealership. 

A trained sales team can generate new opportunities that yield huge returns. 

2. Target Online and In-Market Customers 

All dealers want to optimize online and in-store customer experiences but are unsure how to begin. 

Investing more heavily in online marketing strategies can be extremely valuable for dealers because they can turn social outreach into sales opportunities. These conversions become critical for dealers because when you efficiently connect with potential customers on your platform in real-time or in-store, you can gain control to assist them based on their needs.  

Automotive dealers that optimize online purchase journeys gain a massive advantage over competitors. Car buyers make decisions and engage on mobile, social media platforms, websites at home, work, in transit, everywhere – and the proper omnichannel marketing strategy complements each channel. 

3. Digitize the Customer Experience 

Digitization has become the key to success in the automotive industry. 

In this tech-heavy world, dealerships must understand that increasing their digital footprint is critical to automotive success, as customers leverage more channels via more devices.  

From innovating services through contactless car buying to online negotiations, digital experiences are advancing to promote strong omnichannel customer engagement. 

Some of the innovative ways dealerships are digitizing the car-buying experience consist of: 

  • Virtual showrooms that show functions, models, and car specs 
  • 24/7 technical assistance via live chat and messaging  
  • Online customization calculators such as finance estimates and vehicle preferences 
  • Online ID checks, credit scores, eligibility checks, and e-signatures    

4. Cross-Channel Tracking 

Tracking customers across various marketing channels and devices is critical to cultivating a seamless omnichannel customer experience for auto sales.  

In today’s digital era, it is crucial to have a presence on all relevant platforms, no matter which communication channel the customers prefer. A more comprehensive range of options ensures that you are available to a broader audience, which increases your reach and chances of attracting more customers. Omnichannel customer experience helps you achieve this. 

Cross-channel tracking allows dealers to create an effortless omnichannel customer journey with their brand from one channel to another. 

Multiple channels allow brands to interact with their customers across various touchpoints for a more unified customer experience. 

Tips for effective cross-channel operations may include: 

  • Map your customers’ journey 
  • Capture key metrics and related data that detail your user base behavior 
  • Invest in data management tools and systems that accurately interpret data 
  • Utilize user-generated feedback and align content with proper future audiences 

These strategies will give dealerships the insight to tailor unique customer experiences and create more consistent customer journeys for their target audiences.  

5. Create a Self-Service Option for Customers 

It is no secret that the car-buying process can be overwhelming for customers.  

Dealerships can exceed customers’ expectations by granting them control of their decisions, ensuring they are confident and satisfied through their unique purchasing journeys.  

Implementing customer self-service tools as an option in auto dealerships will enable dealers to maximize their operations efficiently while significantly improving the car buying experience.  

A recent study uncovered that out of 526 shoppers, 73% of the group prefer self-service models over standard customer service practices. Self-service technologies empower customers to solve problems independently and significantly simplify their purchasing journeys – contributing to an overall seamless omnichannel customer experience. 

Some examples of carrying this strategy both online and offline may look like: 

  • Digital kiosks 
  • Digital help centers 
  • Mobile-Friendly apps (Optimize self-service for mobile users) 
  • Build an FAQ page 

The Future is Omnichannel 

To truly create exceptional omnichannel experiences, car dealers must elevate their current customer-centric business models.  

The five powerful omnichannel sales strategies we discussed will bring tremendous value to your organization. Create self-service options, track across channels, digitize the customer experience, target online and in-market customers, and upskill your sales team to develop a seamless omnichannel strategy for auto sales to build lifelong customer loyalty.  

Contact us today and discover how Affinitiv’s Conquest can help your dealership develop an effective omnichannel sales strategy.  

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