Is Your Vehicle Trade-In Process Stalling Profits?

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There’s more to your sales customers than just a simple deal—many of these customers also plan to trade in their current vehicle. This can mean the acquisition of a quality used vehicle for your pre-owned inventory as well as the start of a loyal customer relationship. However, a complicated trade-in tool or lengthy vehicle trade-in process can put the brakes on your business.

Equipping your sales team with a simple, seamless equity mining tool (and providing customers their own easy-to-use online version, too) can do more than just increase sales. The ideal car trade-in process allows you and your staff to create quick, precise equity offers for customers in-store as well as those in the service lane or on your email list, helping capture these customers at the perfect time to trade while building trust through transparent, guaranteed offers.

How to Ensure a Seamless Trade-In Process That Drives Revenue

Create On-The-Spot Offers for Your In-Store Shoppers

You likely already know that car shoppers spend a significant time researching cars online before making the drive to a dealership, so it’s important to demonstrate to these customers that you value their time and are ready to help them make those final sale decisions quickly and easily.

In our recent National Consumer Survey, 65% of those who purchased a new vehicle also traded in their existing vehicle, but over 30% of these customers expressed difficulty with the trade-in process. That’s why the right tools and technology are crucial for your sales department to close deals and gain pre-owned vehicles while establishing an excellent customer experience right from the sale. An advanced equity tool is particularly valuable, as it enables your team to create on-the-spot equity offer handouts so your customers can instantly see the value of their vehicle and compare it to newest model.

Empower Customers with a Personalized Portal

Customers appreciate feeling in control of the car-buying and trade-in process, so giving them the power to create their ideal offer can be a game-changer. One way to do this is with a personalized customer portal.

This personalized portal isn’t just for the sales customers in your showroom, either—you can expand your trade-in profitability by sending equity offers to service customers with prime trade values on their current vehicles or previous sales customers on your email list with low miles on their vehicles. If they aren’t intrigued by the offer generated, this personalized portal allows them to swap the quoted new vehicle for a different model and adjust monthly loan payments to better fit their needs.

Attract Online Prospects with Guaranteed Appraisals

Your prospective customers receive a plethora of promises online, which is why a guaranteed one can really stand out. For those who are exploring your new vehicle options and valuing their current car, an online trade-in tool (that produces a guaranteed offer, not a guess) helps your store outsell the competition.

First, ensure your tool is speedy and simple. If your customers can receive their guaranteed car trade-in value within a few minutes, this will greatly increase your conversion rates. Second, your tool should use a third-party, live appraisal team to help ensure your customers receive a trusted, expert valuation (rather than a book value). This added level of transparency not only helps build stronger customer relationships but also a better pre-owned selection. Third, by guaranteeing the offer at your store, it helps draw customers in—and it ensures that if they don’t actually trade in or purchase that day, they’ll be more likely to come back to take advantage of the guaranteed, competitive value they received from your store.

Shift Your Trade-In Process into Success

Trading in a vehicle doesn’t need to be a hassle—for your customers or your staff. The right vehicle trade-in solution can help close more sales, stock your pre-owned inventory, increase customer lifetime values, and fill your showroom with service customers and website visitors. If you’re in search of an advanced equity mining tool for your store, explore Affinitiv Quote, powered by predictive intelligence that helps capture prospects with compelling equity offers, a personalized customer portal, AI-based functionality, and more. Paired with Affinitiv Trade-In Valet, you’ll be able to convert more leads and drive showroom traffic with guaranteed online offers backed by a live, third-party appraisal desk.

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