Automotive Email Marketing Made Easy in 5 Steps

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When done correctly, automotive email marketing can be a valuable demand and lead generation tactic. However, this strategy is often underutilized or poorly executed, as many dealerships do not know what steps to follow

This article discusses five such steps and explains why they are valuable additions to any email campaign.

Automotive Email Marketing: 5 Strategies 

Dealers should consider implementing the following five strategies in their marketing plan:

1. Collect the Right Email Addresses 

The first step in automotive email marketing is acquiring the correct customer contact information. The strategy will stall if the content does not reach the right audience.  

Fortunately for dealerships, collecting email addresses from interested parties should be relatively easy because most departments are customer-facing. Dealerships interact with customers at several points, supplying multiple opportunities to collect email addresses. 

These opportunities include (but are not limited to): 

  • Car purchases 
  • Parts and service appointments 
  • Test-drives 
  • The website’s blog page 
  • Local events 

Collecting contact information from would-be customers already visiting the dealership is relatively straightforward and requires minimal time and effort. This strategy also ensures that the database includes quality leads, as each contact is someone who has already interacted with the dealership. 

2. Offer Valuable Content 

Customers are information-hungry, whether it be about who has their preferred car in stock, the safety features of a particular vehicle, or the recommended interval for oil changes. 

A successful email marketing campaign always provides this type of educational content. It might also include: 

  • Special promotions 
  • Seasonal sales 
  • Community announcements 
  • Surveys 

The appropriate content can help build customer trust and establish the dealership as an industry authority and thought leader. 

3. Use Triggered and Automated Emails 

Email automation streamlines customer engagement and conversions, while behavior-based triggers help dealers decide when and where to maximize campaign results. 

The benefits of automation and triggers include the improvement of several key performance indicators (KPIs), including: 

Dealers can tailor emails to specific makes and models or client demographics, allowing them to communicate on a personal level using dynamic content customized for each customer type. 

4. Respond to All Email Inquiries 

Even after collecting the correct contact info, creating the right content, and setting up the most effective triggers, many email-generated leads still go unanswered by dealers. Of those the dealer does answer, many responses fall short and do not offer all the critical information. 

Examples include: 

  • Not mentioning if the desired car was available on the lot 
  • Not listing pricing information  
  • Not providing the brand or vehicle’s value 

Poor dealer interactions and insufficient responses are significant reasons why many consumers switch brands, regardless of the industry. To combat this loss in sales, dealers should prioritize inquiry responses and invest the necessary time and resources to ensure they are prompt and thoughtful. 

5. Make Emails Mobile-Friendly 

In today’s tech-heavy and fast-paced world, consumers expect access to information wherever and on whatever platform they choose. More email openings occur on mobile devices daily, making mobile optimization crucial to any automotive email campaign. 

All email marketing systems should include mobile functionality in their email layouts. If dealers send out customized templates, they should verify that each is dynamic and mobile-friendly. 

Without including these modifications, dealerships will lose out on a sizeable part of the following: 

  • Engagements 
  • Conversions 
  • In-person follow-ups 
  • Sales 

Lastly, optimizing images for mobile display can be a time-sensitive exercise. Dealers may struggle to regain the interest of mobile users who rejected messages because of the unappealing visuals, so remedying that issue immediately is vital. 

The Best Email Campaigns Require the Best Digital Solutions 

The steps mentioned above bolster automotive email marketing campaigns by finding the likely audience to buy from and sell to your dealership. 

However, making the most of potential trade-ins requires the industry’s best conversion solutions that attract more shoppers to the showroom. Without boosting traffic, your opportunities to secure more trade-ins and second car purchases will dwindle significantly. 

Contact us today and discover how Affinitiv’s Trade-in Valet can augment your automotive email marketing strategy by helping you send your content to high-quality leads, complete more trade-ins, and boost revenue. 

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