Affinitiv Announces Second Quarter 2021 Results that Surpass the First Quarter

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Chicago, IL | July 14, 2021Today Affinitiv, the leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions to the automotive market, announced its Q2 2021 financial results and internal company growth. The company announced the second-quarter revenue growth of 13% year-over-year driven by a total sales growth of a combined monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and an increase in transactional sales of 77% year-over-year.

Affinitiv surpassed Q1 2021 growth, which at the time, was the strongest quarter in company history. With new key internal positions filled and a strong sales team in place, Affinitiv achieved MRR growth of 69% year-over-year and an increase of 4.6% quarter-over-quarter in Q2 2021. Transactional sales also attained a growth rate of 78% year-over-year. Additional OEM account renewals and new client partnerships strongly contributed to the sales growth in Q2 2021. 

 “Our associates at Affinitiv continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients as well as come up with creative ways to keep our customers satisfied,” said Sid Nair, President, and CEO of Affinitiv. “This past quarter, we saw an increased demand for our services from our customers who are reporting their best sales numbers. It is always positive to grow with your customers and our teams worked really hard to finish out Q2 2021 stronger than ever. Our pipeline remains solid, and we are excited to continue on our path of growth.” 

To keep pace with the growth, Affinitiv successfully added new talent to the team, with a total of 80 new hires in the first half of the year. Affinitiv’s “Work from Here” program launched in Q4 2020 continues to motivate our associates to do more by working from wherever they are. With all six offices now open, Affinitiv associates can choose to work from any campus location or from home. This flexibility helps employees achieve a greater work-life balance and overall improved employee satisfaction.   

“Investing in the people here at Affinitiv is a key area of focus for us,” said Nair. “We want to ensure our associates are equipped with the right tools and help foster strong relationships with their colleagues. These relationships not only drive collaboration but also help in their career and overall happiness at our organization. I have always admired how well Affinitiv excels in cross-departmental initiatives to come together across the organization to solve problems and find solutions for our customers.” 

About Affinitiv

Affinitiv is a leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions serving automotive manufacturers (OEMs), dealer groups, and individual dealerships. Backed by more than 20 years of automotive and marketing expertise, Affinitiv supports over 5,000 dealerships and every major OEM in the country. Affinitiv’s success drives the next generation customer experience by partnering with OEMs and retailers to accelerate performance and inspire loyalty. With a technology-driven, consultative approach, Affinitiv creates customers for life through reimagined experiences. For more information, visit  

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