5 Ways Guaranteed Offers Impact Your Used Car Inventory

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Can a guaranteed vehicle trade-in offer really make that big of a difference for your pre-owned inventory? Absolutely! Your customers, both current and prospective, are shopping online now considering the many options available for selling or upgrading their vehicle—and they could come across many appealing offers.

To capture attention, build a quality used car inventory, and increase gross profits, guaranteed offers are a smart strategy. Here are five ways guaranteed offers help supercharge your CPO program.

How Guaranteed Vehicle Trade-In Values Mean Better Pre-Owned Inventory

1. Increased Number of Trade-Ins—and Used Car Inventory

Selling a used vehicle can be a hassle for a customer. You might have current or potential customers interested in a new vehicle upgrade but dreading the process of selling or trading in their older one. But guaranteed trade-in offers can make it more attractive for your customers to trade in their used cars, as they know they will receive a certain amount for their vehicle regardless of the market conditions or what they see when they check the vehicle trade-in value online. This can lead to an increase in the number of trade-ins that your dealership receives, which can help you improve your pre-owned inventory.

2. More New Vehicle Deals

While some customers simply want to sell their vehicle for cash, many will be interested in leasing or purchasing a new model. The customers who are considering buying a new car may be more likely to do so if they know they can get a good trade-in value for their old car. Guaranteed trade-in offers will draw them to your store and help increase sales of new vehicles. As you close more new vehicle sales, you’ll gain quality future pre-owned vehicles as you develop and maintain these customer relationships over the long haul.

3. Better Pricing of Your Used Car Inventory

Guaranteed trade-in offers aren’t only a guarantee for your customers—if you leverage a third-party appraisal team who specializes in vehicle appraisals, you’ll also enjoy the guarantee of knowing the vehicle trade-in values aren’t generic book values. Your dealership can be more confident in the value of your used car trade-ins, which can give you more flexibility when pricing your pre-owned vehicles. Plus, you’ll be able to minimize up-front purchase costs and drive CPO gross profits by avoiding auctions and other third parties.

4. Competitive Offerings

With the right tool for the job, you can gain a great advantage over your competitors in the CPO market. Using guaranteed trade-in offers can help make your store more competitive by offering customers what they want: a hard vehicle trade-in value they can count on. You can then sweeten the deal by offering price matching, so customers know they are getting the best deal with you and can save time researching and shopping elsewhere.

5. Higher Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Your current and prospective customers want to feel as if you are prioritizing their needs rather than pushing a transaction. By giving them a guaranteed trade-in offer, they can rest assured that they will receive a fair value for their trade-in, which can help to create a positive experience for them. This will go a long way in helping you establish lasting customer relationships from trade-in and sale to service and beyond.

Trade Up to Better Deals

Fill your pre-owned inventory with higher-quality vehicles and increase your gross profits by providing your customers with guaranteed trade-in offers from a live, third-party appraisal team. Want to see how Affinitiv Trade-In Valet can work for your dealership? Contact us today for a live demo.

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