5 Auto Repair Marketing Ideas to Keep Customers Coming Back

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Dealers need new and innovative auto repair marketing ideas to expand their businesses to attract and retain customers in the highly-competitive auto industry. Customers expect companies of all types to meet them where they are, be that online or in person at physical store locations.  

These evolving consumer expectations mean that dealers need to implement an omnichannel approach, leveraging the right combination of marketing platforms to maximize their audiences. This article discusses five ideas to achieve this approach, ranging from digital to paper mailing strategies. 

5 Auto Repair Marketing Ideas 

The following are five strategies dealers might consider for marketing their fixed operations:

1. Build an SEO-Friendly Website 

An oft-used first step in auto repair marketing is employing search engine optimization (SEO) best practices on the dealership website to attract potential customers. 

This strategy might include: 

  • Researching prominent keywords and using them naturally within the website content 
  • Including those keywords in related/linked content on social media sites and review sites  
  • Creating keyword-related pages throughout the website, such as different pages for various fixed ops and valuation services 

2. Create Email Campaigns 

Dealers can also invite customers to join the dealership’s email list to receive exclusive offers and new service updates.  

However, dealers should always get consent before adding customers to that list. Emailing customers without permission could result in the server designating those emails as spam, affecting the dealer’s ability to send future emails to that customer. 

Dealers can use email marketing to: 

  • Send new customers a welcome email 
  • Distribute blogs or other types of content marketing 
  • Inform people about special service promotions 

Dealers can then use A/B testing to change email aspects to see which strategies work best for the target customer base. 

3. Choose and Follow a Social Media Posting Schedule 

A social media presence is an essential marketing tool in today’s online world, and consistent posting on these platforms can help demonstrate expertise and authority. 

Dealers should choose and stick to a posting timetable so that followers learn when to expect added content, which might include:  

  • Blog links 
  • Coupons and other exclusive offers 
  • Maintenance recommendations 
  • Customer testimonials 
  • Manufacturer recall information 

An active social media page can lead to active discussions. Followers can leave comments, ask questions, or even share the content with friends.  

Dealers might also consider assigning a staff member to address comments and questions. Online followers are more likely to patronize a dealership that responds quickly to its followers. 

4. Engage with the Online Reviewers 

Online reviews and testimonials can heavily influence a potential customer’s service center selection. If a dealer offers excellent service, customers are likelier to leave positive comments, encouraging other vehicle owners to explore that dealership’s services. 

However, not all reviews will be positive, and dealers should respond constructively to negative feedback. Criticism is an opportunity to learn more about customers’ experiences and identify areas for improvement.  

Just as important is the image a dealership portrays by accepting negative feedback graciously. The more willing a dealer is to address complaints and improve service, the more positively a potential customer might view that dealer. 

5. Follow-Up with Traditional Mailings 

Print and physical marketing can still be effective for staying in touch and building long-lasting relationships with customers. 

These deliverables might include: 

  • Branded items with the dealership logo (such as pens and water bottles) to distribute at local events. 
  • Discount offer mailers to distribute to houses in the surrounding community. 
  • Business cards to leave in mailboxes and on car windshields in nearby neighborhoods and parking lots. 
  • Flyers for posting and handing out at local businesses (to the extent they are willing). 

Auto Repair Marketing Ideas Require the Best Tools

A successful auto repair marketing strategy requires a plan that starts with the abovementioned ideas. Without them, executing any strategy risks wasting time and resources on a fruitless campaign.  

Furthermore, that strategy might only be as effective as the technology you use to manage your service lane – from appointment scheduling to service recommendations. You need solutions that boost online conversion rates, bring in business, and create the best customer journeys. 

Contact us today and discover how Affinitiv’s Book can help you streamline your entire service lane, boost satisfaction, and keep customers coming back. 

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