4 Showroom Secrets for a Stellar Car Shopping Experience

A great customer experience is everything.

Creating brand loyalty in today's computerized world requires excellence and speed at every step of the automotive customer lifecycle, from first contact to repurchasing. If your dealership can't keep pace, we can guide you through a digital transformation to streamline your operations.

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A substantial amount of your current and potential customers’ car research is performed online, but that isn’t the only source customers are using to gather vehicle information. According to our 2023 National Consumer Survey, 60 percent of customers visit at least one dealership before purchasing a vehicle—making the move from online to in-store car shopping to help seal the deal.

In addition to offering these customers an easy-to-use website to help them discover car details and perform a new car search, your store should be ready to take action when they visit. Here are four showroom secrets to create a stellar in-store experience that will wow—and win—customers for life.

Outshine the Competition With Your In-Store Car Shopping Experience

1. Prioritize and Personalize Every Interaction

When you consider the best customer experiences you’ve had at various businesses, what stands out the most (and sets them apart from other businesses)? In many instances, these outstanding businesses took a personalized approach that made you feel like a priority.

Employ well-trained and enthusiastic sales staff and greeters who can genuinely understand customer needs and preferences. Offer personalized recommendations based on each individual customer’s lifestyle needs and budgets. And establish a transparent and honest experience by providing upfront pricing and explaining all fees and terms in detail.

2. Demonstrate Expertise in Your Vehicle Marketing

Many of your showroom visitors have completed research online for car details, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on your in-store marketing materials and handouts.

Having these materials on-hand with up-to-date vehicle information helps establish your store as the go-to for your customers’ car research needs. This allows your staff to empower customers to make informed decisions. Plus, you can later send these car shoppers new model announcements or upgrade offers when customers are in good equity positions.

3. Accelerate the Sales Process with Expert Technology

Time is a valuable resource, and customers visiting your showroom to shop vehicles want to know that your staff acknowledge their time investment. Help put potential customers at ease right away by utilizing advanced technology in the sales and finance process.

Before customers even arrive, ensure your website clearly displays your online tools, such as payment calculators, application forms, and online appointment scheduling and virtual consultations for added convenience. In your store, implement interactive displays, tablets, or virtual reality tools to showcase vehicles and features in an engaging and immersive manner, and equip your sales staff with tablets and tools to help expedite the sales process.

4. Follow Up and Respond to Customer Feedback

Continuing to improve your in-store experience for in-market buyers depends on the connections you develop with customers and the data you collect from them.

As you evaluate the interactions with those car shopping in your dealership, identify the customer patterns and establish the right target market for your store. This not only helps you focus your efforts, but also guides your customer follow-up and marketing strategy. Be sure to collect any customer feedback as well, to help reinforce your store’s commitment to customer service excellence.

Is Your Store Equipped to Elevate the Car Shopping Experience?

Help convert showroom browsers into lifelong customers with the technology that helps your store stand out from the competition. From vehicle equity handouts to new model marketing materials, we can help put your team into position to win more sales customers. For your live demo of our solutions, contact us today.


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