8 Reasons to Offer Dealership Pickup and Delivery Services

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Retail customers are busy. Working parents, young professionals, and even retirees with active lifestyles have limited free hours for extra chores. These extracurriculars include car-related appointments, particularly those that require commutes to and from service appointments. 

Packed schedules make these time commitments difficult and, as a result, prompt these customers to expect more from their dealerships, such as experiences similar to those other retail businesses offer. These services include more robust online features, quick access to information, and – more recently – dealership pickup and delivery. 

These evolving expectations mean that dealers will need to rethink their current fixed ops processes and technologies to retain service customers in this developing market. 

8 Reasons to Offer Dealership Pickup and Delivery

The following are the top 8 reasons to offer pickup and delivery services: 

  1. Consumers value their time. Customers prefer that dealerships operate on their terms, saving them time and effort. The car service process is not always quick or convenient, and saving customers as much time as possible can go a long way toward building long-term relationships
  1. A convenient process might lead to more appointments. If the service process requires a minimal time investment, customers may be more willing to have automobiles serviced more frequently. 
  1. Dealerships cannot relocate overnight. Dealers cannot readily move their showrooms and lots to more ideal locations. However, they can expand their reach by eliminating the customer’s commuting obligation. This strategy addresses customer timing concerns. 
  1. Dealership pickup and delivery can lead to higher-ticket repair orders. Customers might be willing to pay more for services that do not require much effort on their part. 
  1. Remote services might protect against future lockdowns. An efficient pickup and delivery operation can protect dealerships against the financial repercussions of future pandemic-driven lockdowns. While other dealerships scramble to identify workarounds on the fly, dealerships with pre-established pickup and delivery processes will have a significant advantage. 
  1. Pickup and delivery services lessen the morning service traffic. Scheduling pickups and drop-offs throughout the day alleviates the demand for early drop-offs before customers start work, improving shop throughput. 
  1. Fewer in-store customers mean less payroll. Because fewer consumers would need to visit the dealership, dealers will need fewer staff members to assist them. The payroll saved might help subsidize the pickup and delivery costs. 
  1. Dealerships can better manage loaner car needs. By scheduling pickups and deliveries, dealerships can more effectively manage loaner cars. They will better understand which customers require alternative transportation based on the number of scheduled pickups. 

Choose the Right Mobile Mechanic Software

Dealers need the best valet management software to efficiently organize a vehicle pickup and delivery process, which might include the following steps: 

  • Automating trip scheduling  
  • Assigning available drivers 
  • Conveying trip status to customers 
  • Tracking critical KPIs (key performance indicators) 

Dealerships can manage and optimize these activities with tailored mobile mechanic software. A pickup and delivery management system allows dealerships to control the necessary steps for mobile servicing. 

These steps require software with the following features: 

  • Central command dispatching 
  • A driver mobile app that tracks pickup locations 
  • A customer-facing mobile app that tracks driver locations  
  • Online bill pay across service, sales, and parts departments 

Pickup and Delivery Services Are Inevitable

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to receiving goods and services at their homes. Online shopping is now commonplace in many industries, and most experts believe that trend will spread to previously unexplored markets – including the auto sector. 

While dealership pickup and delivery are still a (relatively) novel concept, the demand for these services will continue to grow, and dealers will need to adapt sooner rather than later. 

Contact us today and discover how Affinitiv’s Transport can help your dealership offer customers more convenient pickup, delivery, and mobile mechanic services.  

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