Advanced Equity Mining

Predictive technology. Precise offers.

The average vehicle owner keeps their car for around 6.5 years. But trade-ins peak right around a year and 4 months. That means many of your customers may be ready to trade sooner than you think. Quote helps you offer your best prospects attention-grabbing, personalized equity offers at your store and through email or direct mail.

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Quote accounts for up to 30% of new car sales

Customer-Personalized Offers

Maximize every sales opportunity by sending hard-to-resist equity offers featuring vehicles in your current inventory

Customizable Customer Portal

Offer customers a personalized web portal to swap inventory, change payment options, and contact the salesperson regarding their offer

Robust 700Credit™ Integration

Convert more service customers by generating accurate equity handouts through 700Credit integration

Compelling Equity Offers

Engage your entire customer base: run automated emails for current owners who aren’t visiting for service, owners who rely on you for service, and more Drive repeat sales with a customized, single-sheet equity analysis Generate offers based on DMS, Black Book®, Edmunds®, and Affinitiv proprietary data Launch email quotes to individual customers on demand—marketing communications with quotes generate a 50-75% increase in response rates Utilize service-only customer conquest data to deliver estimated offers to those with unknown payoff information Provide accurate payment estimates—without the risk of affecting a customer’s credit score—through seamless integration with 700Credit QuickScreen

AI-Based Functionality

Customize your workflow to suit your store’s needs: implement processes for in-drive equity mining, sales BDC, automated drip marketing, and on-demand print and email View everything you need to close the sale on the easy-to-use, yet comprehensive Sales and Service Ledgers Identify your best opportunities with our proprietary Trade Prediction Score—its AI-driven scoring functionality is proven to pinpoint prospects with 10x higher purchase rates Ensure your customers only receive offers for vehicles in your current inventory with data-search buyer matching

Enhanced Customer Experience

Allow sales staff to personalize options for individual customers with the Custom Quote feature Enable customers to access a personalized trade-up portal where they can swap inventory, change payment options, and contact the salesperson regarding their offer Increase customer engagement with attention-grabbing templates via optional Essentials integration

Quote Express

Effortlessly drive more sales with Quote Express. Built entirely on automation, Quote Express is a lighter version of Quote that enables you to engage your owner base and service customers with upgrade communications and a personalized web portal.

Add-On Products:

Prospect Marketing

Marketing is about sending the right message to the right people at the right time. With Conquest, our proprietary platform makes sure your prospects get the most relevant communications to keep your costs low and your traffic high.

Insightful Research

The key to achieving higher opens, responses, and sales-to-service conversions starts with a better comprehension of your marketing metrics. With Analytics, tracking your results is easy to do and even easier to understand.

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Works Seamlessly With:

Fully integrated CRM solution

Targeted, multi-channel customer marketing

One-to-one targeted customer communications

Response-driven print mail marketing

Proprietary voice solutions for sales and service

Online appraisal and guaranteed upgrade offers



Take advantage of strategic integrations through 700Credit, vAuto®, HomeNet, Advent Automotive, CARFAX®, and more. Contact us today for a full list.



With a team of professional installers, subject matter experts, and trainers available at your demand, we work directly with your shop to set you up for continued growth.




Here's what our customers have to say...

Just 2 months into the use of this system, our sales force has a really solid grasp on how to use and integrate this tool into their daily routine.  We are seeing some positive improvement in their daily operating habits as we establish our baselines.  We have many areas of improvement still as we discussed yesterday but are extremely happy with the process so far.  Our salespeople have expressed much appreciation for the way you help them work through their issues and teach them to be functional users of the system.  I appreciate your patience and willingness to provide guidance as we all dive deeper into the possibilities afforded by this tool. I look forward to being able to see our year over year improvements as we move forward and I know you will be there as a resource to help us work through the deficiencies.  I sincerely appreciate the time and guidance you have made available during this process and look forward to working with you in the future as we continue to grow.

Daniel Peters

General Sales and Finance Manager

Mack Grubbs Hyundai/Genesis of Hattiesburg

September 28, 2019