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In the world of marketing, techniques and technology are constantly evolving, and the same goes for the automotive industry. Bringing these two worlds together in a way that works for your business is critical to stay on top of trends, ahead of the competition, and in the black.

Right now, AI marketing tools are a key element to power your automotive marketing strategy. If you’re concerned that your email communications, social media posts, and other marketing materials will take a robotic turn (or take over), here are some opportunities and limitations of AI in automotive marketing.

Using AI in Your Marketing—Without the Robots

Simplifying Smart Marketing Technology

You most likely already experience some form of artificial intelligence each week, but how does this advanced technology work for dealership marketing?

First, marketers use AI to automate and improve their marketing. AI can be used in several ways:

  • AI can be used to collect insightful data about customers and create personalized ads
  • AI can optimize ad spend by targeting the right customers at the right times
  • Marketers can use AI to generate content, such as email campaigns and social media posts
  • AI can help predict customer behavior, such as which products they are likely to purchase or which marketing channels they prefer
  • AI can be used to automate marketing tasks, such as email marketing, social media management, and lead generation

Some of the examples AI is being used in marketing include chatbots, personalized recommendations, predictive analytics, and content generation.

Opportunities in AI Marketing Campaigns

Artificial Intelligence in automotive marketing offers many opportunities that not only help save you time and simplify your strategy but also help you create targeted, efficient communications.

Target lists and ad targeting: By using AI automation, you can identify customers in your CRM that are the best targets for your campaign, increasing the effectiveness. For example, you can send a service campaign to customers who haven’t scheduled an appointment for a long time.

Sales and service offers: Using AI to power your predictive analytics can help supercharge your sales and service offers by targeting the right customers. AI can also help you automatically prioritize or include offers based on what customers are responding to most.

Timely messaging: When is the best time to send your marketing campaigns for the highest open rates? AI technology can help by automatically sending your marketing communications during the window when they are most likely to be opened or viewed.

AI voiceover: Videos are powerful marketing tools to have on hand, and AI can help you create the voiceover scripts for a professional message.

Limitations of AI Marketing Tools

AI marketing campaigns can help revolutionize your business, but they aren’t perfect. Just like with any tool or technology available now, there are some limitations to be aware of.

AI marketing tools are far from set-it-and-forget-it. You won’t want to rely on AI for every aspect of your marketing. Rather than allowing the algorithms to create your campaigns entirely, it’s best to guide the AI tool through the process to ensure your campaigns will be effective.

While AI technology can certainly help automate many areas of your business, AI left unchecked could irritate customers if not closely monitored. From the messaging to the design, AI-crafted email campaigns may not have the relevance and creativity a human can provide.

Power Your Marketing Strategy with AI

By adding AI to your marketing campaign strategy, you can take advantage of the many benefits to minimize the time spent on marketing tasks while maximizing the effectiveness of your sales and service communications. Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult—our experts can help point you in the right direction. For a live demo of our smart marketing solutions, contact us today.

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