7 Ways to Help Customers Overcome Range Anxiety 

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EVs are becoming increasingly popular and have several benefits over conventional vehicles, such as being more environmentally friendly and costing less to operate. However, they also have drawbacks, most notably a finite battery supply and, in some locations, limited access to charging stations. 

The risk of being stranded in isolated areas often causes range anxiety for potential EV buyers and is a huge reason why many customers still prefer ICE vehicles. To help remedy these concerns and encourage EV purchasers, dealers must understand what impacts driving ranges and recommendations they can make to customers during the purchase process. 

This article discusses seven suggestions dealers might make to potential customers to alleviate range anxiety. 

What Is Range Anxiety? 

Range anxiety is the worry that an EV’s battery will drain before reaching the destination and there are no charging stations nearby. 

Several variables influence an EV’s range, including: 

  • Weather 
  • The terrain traveled 
  • The vehicle’s weight 
  • Cruising speed 
  • Tire traction 
  • HVAC use 

Unfortunately, not all customers understand how these variables affect battery life and, as a result, are not confident in forecasting their driving range. 

A degree of range anxiety is common for all EV owners. Charging stations are not commonplace like traditional gas stations, so some trepidation about finding the next station in time is sensible. However, there are many techniques to lessen range anxiety. 

7 Ways to Reduce Range Anxiety 

1. Plan Long Trips 

Road trips are another root cause of range anxiety, but they can be less stressful if the customer knows the location’s exact distance before leaving. Pre-planning trips not only makes it possible to predict how much electricity their EV requires, but it may also help them choose a more direct and efficient path. 

2. Buy an At-Home Charger 

Batter power levels (or lack thereof) typically cause range anxiety. To address this concern, dealers might recommend that their customers purchase an at-home charger, enabling them to charge vehicles overnight and begin each day with a full battery. While owning an EV does not require a home charger, they are practical and might be worth the cost if customers are frequently concerned about range. 

3. Drive Slower 

As mentioned earlier, the speed at which people drive significantly affects EV power consumption. Therefore, trying to go slower can increase EV driving ranges. This is a valuable tip for customers because if they plan a trip close to their EV’s range limit, they can add distance by simply going slower. 

4. Use a Charging Station App 

The charging station infrastructure is expanding, so there may be more available than customers realize. They will worry less if they understand that their common driving routes include access to several stations.  

Dealers might suggest that customers download an EV charging app to their phones which now comes with maps of open charging stations. Customers can use this app before and during trips to know where to stop and charge. 

5. Remember to Use Regenerative Braking 

Regenerative braking is a feature found in all EVs. When a driver applies the brakes, a regenerative braking system turns the motor into a generator and uses the energy released to power the battery. This action won’t fully recharge a battery, but it will provide more power and prevent battery loss each time the driver depresses the brake pedal. As such, dealers might recommend that customers turn regenerative braking onto its highest setting when looking to extend range significantly. 

6. Limit A/C Use 

Dealers should recommend that customers open windows on nice days instead of using the air conditioner. While convenient, temperature control uses battery power. While there is no need to feel uncomfortable while driving, dealers should suggest that customers use these features as little as possible to extend the range. 

7. Pack Light 

An EV’s weight does have some bearing on its range, but most drivers have multiple passengers and luggage in their vehicles for longer trips. However, customers should limit what they bring, lightening the car and extending the range. Dealers should also remind customers that quoted ranges are based on empty vehicles. 

Overcoming Range Anxiety Requires EV Education 

Range anxiety is normal and often common among drivers. The uncertainty of reaching a destination is a valid concern when deciding whether to buy an EV. Electrification has many benefits, but the lack of perceived charging stations vis-a-vis gas stations still causes hesitation. 

Range anxiety, however, shouldn’t put your customers off buying an EV. Your sales team should have the knowledge to assure customers that EVs can take them anywhere, providing they follow a set of suggestions like the ones discussed above. 

Contact us today and learn how Affinitiv’s proprietary technologies and EV initiative can help your dealership learn more about EV considerations and relieve customer range anxiety. 

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