Why Vehicle Recall Feeds Are Fixed Ops Game-Changers

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Can a quick check for vehicle recalls really make a difference in your service lane? Absolutely! While open recalls are a notice to your customers from the manufacturers regarding a no-cost repair, they serve as special opportunities for your store. Instant access to vehicle recall data gives you the chance to provide excellent service to your customers, offer upsells of other maintenance or parts, and drive continued business.

Here are Six Ways Open Vehicle Recalls Can Benefit Your Dealership

1. Reminding customers of a recall builds trust and loyalty

You already know of several ways to improve customer satisfaction, and this is one way you can prioritize customer needs. By having instant access to vehicle recall data, you’ll have a crucial element of ensuring customer satisfaction and building trust. Your customers expect their dealership to know whether they have any open recalls on their vehicle and they also expect you to remind them and help remediate any issues.

2. Recall feeds can integrate directly with service schedulers

Having vehicle recall data at hand is necessary, but it’s also important to have a solution that integrates with your service appointment scheduler, too. This allows customers to see they have an open recall when they book an appointment online, helping to ensure their continued safety, grow their trust in your expertise, and bring them in for service sooner.

3. Recalls can be integrated into the check-in process

In addition, there are integrated solutions that ensure your service advisors will see any open vehicle recall notices when customers arrive and check in. In case a customer missed the vehicle recall notice in the mail or didn’t see the notice when scheduling their visit, your team can make sure it’s handled promptly (helping provide a great experience that grows the customer lifetime value!).

4. Tracking vehicle recalls helps keep your service lane efficient

Does a check of vehicle recalls actually mean time well spent in the service lane? It can—with instant access. When your team knows which vehicles have open recalls in advance, you can plan accordingly and ensure you have the time and tools necessary to address the vehicle recall before the customer arrives for their appointment.

5. Recall campaigns can be worked into your current communication plan

Most customers will want to address their vehicle’s open recall quickly to prevent any safety issues. But it’s wise to remind customers that they can rely on your team to handle this necessary service. Having instant vehicle recalls integrated with your customer communication plan gives you the chance to stay top-of-mind as their expert service provider with timely, personalized messages.

6. Recall appointments boost upsell opportunities

Once customers are in for vehicle recall repairs, your service team can take advantage of upsell opportunities (such as a fresh set of windshield wiper blades or a tire rotation), focusing on safety first to further increase customer trust. You can also advise them to book their next appointment for routine care while they’re there.

Turn Vehicle Recalls into Additional Revenue

You can use recall repairs as opportunities to increase customer trust and loyalty, drive more service appointments, keep your service lane efficient, and build a better business. For more information on Open Recalls, our integrated smart solution for vehicle recalls, contact us today.

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