Increasing Upsells with Video Multi-Point Inspections

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With the evolution of technology, customers in your service lane expect a seamless, exceptional experience from check-in to checkout. A significant part of their service: the multi-point inspection. Enhancing communication and understanding during this point in vehicle care is crucial to driving customer satisfaction and increasing upsells. And having the right approach can help make that easy.

There’s no question customers benefit from an explanation of why your team recommended the services they did–or how they identified potential repairs for the months ahead. For both efficiency and satisfaction, these explanations should be provided before initial services are completed, so customers have a chance to approve or decline additional repairs promptly. By providing a timely update, it also grows customer trust and helps them better determine the best type of service necessary for their vehicle. A phone call or quick chat in your service center loops them in, but with 2023 automotive trends favoring the digital aspect of multi-point inspections, it’s becoming clear that the addition of photo or video to your process will have the most impact. It enables your team to show the customer exactly what they’re looking at and why there may be a repair needed now or later–helping to drive approvals faster than ever.

Alongside many other benefits for your store, explore how the addition of video helps technicians and advisors capture approvals and boost upsells during the multi-point inspection process.

Ways Video Multi-Point Inspections Help Drive Upsells

Delivers Progress on the Spot

While you’re performing a multi-point inspection, your customers are often curious or concerned about the progress and your findings. Whether they’re waiting patiently in the service lounge or they’re relaxing in the comfort of their own home, you can record short video overviews that showcase potential repairs and offer an explanation of why you’re recommending service. From minor repairs like brake pads, fluid levels, and wiper blades to larger repairs such as engine, transmission, and heating and cooling, your customers will see the thoroughness of the inspection and have a complete understanding of the auto repairs suggested. Even better, they’ll feel like they’re part of the process–a crucial step to maximizing long-term trust and satisfaction.

Fosters Enhanced Communication

Inefficient service processes and poor or untimely communication are two of several factors that impact repeat business. Today’s service customers prefer consistent communication and embrace technology to keep them informed. Sending a text message with updates during the vehicle inspection process and attaching videos with your recommendations for auto repairs makes it easy to stay in touch and help ensure quick, to-the-point feedback. When a service customer can see firsthand the need for front and rear tires, a wheel alignment, or even transmission repairs, they appreciate the transparency and direct communication you’ve extended to them.

Implements Advanced Technology

As more and more of your customers rely on their smartphones for communication, they are well-versed in how to play a short video via text message–and they find it more convenient than even a phone call from a service advisor. By sending a video detailing auto repairs recommended or the results of a multi-point inspection, you are communicating with your service clients in an interactive way that comes naturally in this day and age.

Saves Time

We get it. Your service center is bustling with vehicles lined up for multi-point inspections or major and minor auto repairs. Taking the time to call each and every service customer takes time away from the work your technicians need to do. By adding video to your process, you can easily record an overview of the vehicle inspection while you’re doing it. And with cloud-based streaming, your clients won’t need to wait to download or buffer this innovative technology. It gets right to the point, detailing just what they need to know.

Drives Faster Approvals

One of the most understated benefits of video multi-point inspection overviews is that they give you the option to quickly and virtually gain approvals and upsells. For instance, if your service customers need front and rear tires, you can showcase top-of-the-line tires in a video and quickly send it to them to review. Your technicians can even showcase accessories available at your on-site Parts Center and offer suggestions for customization. When receiving these videos, your clients have an opportunity to consider upgrades without any pressure. Simply let the repair opportunities and products speak for themselves.

Send Video Multi-Point Inspections the Way Customers Prefer

Give your service center clients the personalized service they want and need by showcasing the process of a multi-point inspection or auto repair vividly. As a result, you’ll not only enhance communication, but you’ll also boost confidence in the high-quality work of your car dealership–and drive approvals for work, parts, or accessories recommended.

Contact us today and discover how Affinitiv’s Tech Video solutions can help you create and send personalized videos during the multi-point inspection process to encourage your customers to make the best decisions about their vehicle service.

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