Affinitiv Launches New Solution-Based Management Console

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Paving the way for dealer groups to effectively analyze data and optimize dealership goals 

Chicago, IL | January 26, 2022Affinitiv, the leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions to the automotive market, launches its new all-in-one management console, DealerLens. The console enables Affinitiv clients to easily measure and benchmark results across multiple solutions, which allows dealerships to track productivity more effectively across all dealers within a group. Additionally, DealerLens provides dealerships with a high-level overview of the performance of each Affinitiv product they are using and how it interacts with their business.

DealerLens is a one-stop shop for getting a complete front-to-back view of the dealer group’s operations to find actionable insights that improve business for the dealership. The console interface displays customizable widgets based on the information each dealer wants to receive. The dealer can view an overall summary of their business and benchmark dealerships within the group by the entire industry or brand piers. The views are broken into key areas of the business with a customized heads-up view to pin favorite metrics. DealerLens ultimately delivers a highly efficient way to digest data to meet the specific goals within a dealer group and its dealerships.

Example: DealerLens Interface

Affinitiv DealerLens’s top features include:

  • Identifies new and unique KPIs for dealers
  • Provides multiple views of data across a group including a summary, dealer benchmark, industry benchmark, and brand benchmark
  • Provides actionable insights to eliminate “Data Overload”
  • Combines data sets from multiple third-party integrations

“We provide dealerships and groups productivity and retention tools spanning the entire operation of a dealership, and we continuously hear from our customers the need to truly understand their business holistically,” said Matt Rodeghero, Chief Product Officer at Affinitiv. “We saw the need to develop DealerLens, to aggregate data from multiple tools, third parties, and parts of the operation into one place, while making it simple and actionable. Our dealer groups now have the capability to view the performance of all Affinitiv products in one place from both a brand and local level. This type of software does not exist within dealer groups yet and we are excited to roll this out for our clients.”

We will see you at NADA! Schedule a demo and stop by booth #1341W to learn how you can get DealerLens at your dealership to simplify all your data into one place.  

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Affinitiv is a leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions serving automotive manufacturers (OEMs), dealer groups, and individual dealerships. Backed by more than 20 years of automotive and marketing expertise, Affinitiv supports over 5,000 dealerships and every major OEM in the country. Affinitiv is fueled by the Atlas Digital Experience Platform, using unprecedented intelligence to enrich the customer experience across the automotive life cycle. With a technology-driven, consultative approach, Affinitiv drives the next-generation customer experience while creating customers for life. For more information, visit  

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